Can you believe it? You’re almost halfway through your senior year of high school!

When I was a senior, all I could think about was going to college and doing everything I could to prepare for it. Once I had decided that Winona State was the school for me, it was full speed ahead for planning my next four years.


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At WSU, you get to choose your roommate! Photo by Kelsa Katzfey ’21


One of the most exciting things for me about getting ready for college was figuring out where I was going to live and who I was going to live with. First-year students choose their roommates through a variety of options, it’s all personal preference. At Winona State, there are many ways to find your perfect freshman year roommate!


The Process


Our roommate selection process opened on Dec. 1 and will remain open through May 1. By logging into eServices (the same place you applied for housing), you can access the StarRez Housing Portal.

You can take an optional lifestyle quiz if you would like to be provided with suggestions for potential roommates based on similar personalities, lifestyles, and other factors. Think of this as a twist on eHarmony couple matching!

In this portal, you and your chosen roommate will need to confirm your request to live together by May 1 in order to receive the same time slot for room selection. The room selection time slots will begin before this date, so be proactive!

Can’t wait until Dec. 1? Find out what type of roommate you are with this quiz!

Take the What Type of Roommate are You? Quiz


Facebook Class Page


When you are admitted to Winona State, you can join the Class of 2024 Facebook group.

In this group, people will generally post a bio talking about where they are from, their intended major, hobbies and interests, and other information about themselves. This is a great place to find roommates or just make connections with other future Warriors!


Live with Someone You Already Know


I lived in Kirkland-Haake, a suite-style hall, so I got to choose three other people to room with. I got to live with a friend from high school and two other incoming students we met on our class Facebook page.

For me, living with someone I knew from high school was great! I’m an introvert and she is an extrovert. It was awesome to have someone with me to go and meet other people with, and we developed our own friends from there.

However, it’s not always the best idea to room with your best friend from high school. Do you really want to live in the same room with them for an entire year when you already know everything about each other? Make sure to think that through.

Don’t be afraid to branch out and meet someone new. You can still hang out with your high school friend whenever you want!


Take a Chance with a Random Roommate


If you haven’t found a roommate for next year or are simply looking for an adventure of the unknown, that’s okay! You will get assigned a roommate by the Housing and Residence Life staff.

This can be a really cool opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people right away when you get to college. Many students have met their best friend in college by choosing to go the random roommate route!

“I met my freshman year roommate at Pals Weekend our senior year of high school and I’m so glad I did. Today we are both seniors, we still share a room, and we’re still best friends!”

There’s also always a chance that you might meet your future roommate on a campus visit, at an Admitted Students Day, or when you’re taking another look at Winona State after you’ve already been admitted. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to take every opportunity to meet someone new!


Whichever way you choose your freshman year roommate, you’re in for an incredible experience living in the residence halls next year! You will learn a lot about yourself.

It’s important to not put too much pressure on your first roommate. Roommates don’t have to be the best of friends, but it’s essential that you’re respectful to each other and of each other’s spaces. And who knows, maybe the person you share a dorm with might end up being a lifelong friend!


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