As you probably already know, we receive laptops and iPads at WSU. If you are like me then you use your laptop everyday, but barely use your iPad. My iPad has been sitting in the “tablet” pouch of my backpack ever since the beginning of the semester. But, I realized I should try to find different ways to use it. I mean, we all are paying for them after all. So you should take advantage of some of these ideas, too!

I work at the bookstore on campus, so the first thing I thought of were eBooks. Not only are they cheaper than a paperback, but you also save your back from lugging around multiple three-pound books.

There is also a Kindle app for the iPad if you don’t enjoy reading your textbooks for fun (not many of us do). This will come in handy if you like reading a lot of books and want to save space in your room or backpack. Kindle books tend to be cheaper than paperbacks, too.


Another thing to do with your iPad is bring it to the gym instead of dragging your laptop there, if you enjoy using it while you work out on a machine (it’s a great way to watch Netflix and Hulu while you get your sweat on). Your iPad is a lot smaller and lighter to carry around, and will fit much nicer on the holder on the elliptical.

Then there is Quizlet. Have you ever Googled an answer to a study guide or homework and then found the whole thing on Quizlet? Or wanted to study using flashcards, but do not have time to write out all of the stuff you need to know? Well, there is a Quizlet app that is FREE for your iPad. You can browse through other people’s study guides or create your own with this app.

Do you know a lot people with iPhones and ever want to FaceTime them, but you have an Android? With your iPad you can.  You can do the same with your laptop, but again, your iPad is easier to hold onto and carry around.


Finally, there are TED Talks. In my 3 years of attending WSU, I have yet to go one full semester without a professor assigning the class a TED Talk or referencing a TED Talk, and I have no idea what he or she is talking about. So, after class I will look up the talk to see what they were talking about. There is an iPad app for that, too!

Overall, I realized there a lot of different things I can use my iPad for, and you can too! Instead of paying hundreds of dollars just for them to sit on our desks or in our backpacks, let’s put them to use.

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Kayla Severson

Kayla is a Public Relations major and Communications minor graduating in 2017 from Mindoro, WI. Her hobbies include traveling, hanging out with friends, PRSSA and writing for the Odyssey.

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