The registration window ends tomorrow, so if you want to change your class schedule log in today!

The registration window ends tomorrow, so if you want to change your class schedule log in today!

Freshman—are you ready?? Welcome Week is here! It’s time to move in, explore Winona, meet new friends and most importantly start classes! And if you are not happy with your class schedule or re-thinking that 8am class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, here’s a heads up. Tomorrow, August 20th, is the last day to register for your fall classes!

When I was a freshman, I ended up changing my schedule about a week before classes started. I realized that I did not really want to take calculus my first semester at a new school and luckily there was another class with a few empty seats left.

One class that all freshmen must take is Orientation 100. It is a 1 credit class that meets once a week and is designed to help you transition easily to WSU. Double-check your schedules; it is likely that you already signed up for this class but if you haven’t, these instructions (PDF)  will walk you right through the process.

Once you’ve registered for your classes, make sure you have your books. The bookstore on campus has a great tool on their website that lets you view the books that each professor requires for your classes. The bookstore itself is very organized and makes it extremely easy to find each book you need, but if you look your required textbooks up in advance, it will be even easier since you already know what you’re looking for when you walk in. The bookstore also offers the option to reserve your order of books. If you choose this option, all you have to do is walk up, tell them your name, and all of your books will be boxed for you. All of the stress is relieved and you can focus on getting comfortable before classes even begin. Maybe it’s a little too late to take advantage of this opportunity this semester, but keep it in the back of your mind when you are getting ready for Spring 2014.

Good luck with your freshman year and welcome to Winona State University!

–Caitlin Reineke

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