For 2021-2022, Winona State University will continue to offer mainly single-occupancy rooms as we continue to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on our campus. Some double rooms will be available. So, whether you have a roommate or not next year, let’s talk about some things to think about.

Think of a residence hall like a house; only bigger. There are common lounges, kitchens, and restrooms that everyone on your floor or wing can use; and your room in your residence hall is like your own bedroom at home.

If you have any online classes, you won’t have to worry about conflicting school and sleep schedules if you don’t have a roommate. You get a place to be alone, more storage space, and complete independence. You also get to have your friends over without worrying about disrupting someone.

With a roommate, you will have a friend who is always there to hang out with and talk to. You can also discuss with your roommate ways to solve all those little issues as listed before.

If you do decide you want to live with a roommate, you can request one through the housing portal March 1- May 1. Just fill out the roommate request form in your housing application and wait for your room selection time slot in June. There may be double rooms available for you to select.  If not, you can always try and get a room on the same floor or residence hall as your roommate.

If you are thinking about having a roommate, but you don’t know anyone who is going to be attending Winona next year, don’t fret. You can also go to the Facebook group assigned to your class year (Class of 2025) and make an introductory post. This is a great way to find and meet new people who have similar interests, hobbies, and majors as you.

Whether you have a roommate in college or not, meeting friends may be a concern.  Don’t rely on having a roommate as your only means to make friends.  Remember, there are over 1,000 new students, just like you, coming to college and leaving home for the first time.  Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone a bit and ask someone on your floor to go to dinner in the dining center or take a walk around Lake Winona.  You can also join a club where you will get to meet others who have similar interests as you.

Both having a roommate and not having a roommate comes with their perks, it just depends on how you want to carry out your life here on campus. If you prefer to be in control of your environment, maybe living in a single dorm is best for you. If you prefer to live in livelier environment, maybe having a roommate is best for you. It’s all about person preference.

Megan Johnson ’24

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