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During which class do you daydream most?


So it’s pretty much mid-semester and all you high school students are closing in on graduation in just a few short months.  You’ve probably known that you would be attending WSU for months but maybe you’ve forgotten what it’s like since your last campus visit. Maybe you’re desperate to get out of high school and find out what college is really like.

At least, that’s how I felt during my second semester of senior year. When I was stuck in Government class, my mind drifted toward daydreams about moving into the dorms and walking through the courtyard to class so I took every opportunity I could get to visit Winona. One of those opportunities was Pals Weekend.

Pals Weekend is an event that WSU puts on every year for admitted students to do exactly that–discover what college is really like.

High school students get to come for an overnight stay in a dorm of a host student (high school students and host students are both called “Pal”—thus the name Pals Weekend) and then attend class with the host Pal on Monday morning.

I had a lot of fun when I went; I stayed in Lourdes Hall and followed my Pal to her Speech class. I ate in the cafeteria and enjoyed a mentalist performance sponsored by UPAC. Ok, so it isn’t exactly like real college life—the weekend does have a structure to it and high school Pals are required to check-in at the events—but in our evening free time, my Pal and I just hung out and talked.

She was very friendly and answered all my questions about going to college, which really helped me feel more prepared.

Then the following year, I got to be that person, that voice of reassurance and welcome, for someone when I volunteered to be a host.  It was another fun weekend and my Pal and I shared many interests in music, theater, as well as both being English majors. I still see my Pal around campus sometimes and she is doing really well here.

This year, I am helping with Pals weekend again, but this time as an Ambassador. I am helping to organize the event which will be held on Sunday, March 10th- Monday, March 11th.

You can register online or through the mail but sign up soon! The deadline for registration is March 4th.

I really encourage you to come to Pals weekend; it’s a great experience where you can learn a lot about how being in college works and just begin to feel more comfortable here, the place that will soon be your new home.

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