The front entrance to the WSU bookstore

Newly renovated, the WSU Bookstore has all the books you need ready on their shelves.

It seems like the beginning of fall semester is still so far away, but you should start looking for your textbooks now so you’ll be prepared for the first day of class.

Here’s how to get started:

1) Find out what books you need.

Well, this is an obvious first step but knowing where to look perhaps isn’t so self-explanatory. To find the books required for your classes, go to the WSU Bookstore and select 2014 Fall Semester from the “Select A Course” drop-down menu. Then scroll through the list of departments and courses to find each of your classes, then click on them to view the list of books you need.

2) Buy your books.

New books are fresh, crisp, free of any markings and are stocked and ready for you to pick up at the WSU bookstore. However, if you aren’t hankering for that new book smell and don’t mind a little highlighting, used books are an excellent way to save some cash.

Here’s where to find some deals on used books:

  • The WSU Bookstore – The biggest advantage to the WSU bookstore is you can grab the book you need instantly. There is no depending on the vagaries of FedEx or UPS and you don’t need to double and triple check that it is correct edition because your professors have ordered the books they want you to use through the WSU Bookstore. WSU Bookstore Bonus: all bookstore profits contribute to WSU scholarships and campus improvements. Did you catch that? 100 percent of profits go right back to WSU.
  • Wazoo’s List – This is a great resource that is open exclusively to the WSU community. Fellow WSU students post their books (and many other items as well) to the Wazoo’s List Facebook group for WSU students to buy. It’s all local and gets textbooks out of the homes of people who don’t need them and into the hands of those that do.
  • The Internet – You can also buy your textbooks from online stores such as Amazon,, Chegg and others. These retailers may also give you the option to rent your textbooks which can save you money and the trouble of getting rid of them at the end of the semester. But be warned—it may be more difficult to find the exact copy your professor requires and you may encounter unexpected shipping delays.

Before you buy:

  • Make sure the book is the correct version you need. You can check this by cross-referencing the copyright date on the book and your course book list.
  • Some books may include discs or online codes and some used versions may not include these extras. Check that you’re book includes them, if not ask your professor to see if those extra materials are necessary.

Happy hunting!

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