Winona Campus Security & Parking Services

We’re so glad you’re here!

Now that you’ve arrived, here’s what you need to know about Campus Security and Parking Services, both of which are located on the first floor of Sheehan Hall. This building is in the southwest corner of Main Campus next to Kryzsko Commons.

What’s In This Area?

Campus Security

This space is used for:

  • Student escort
  • Emergency response

Parking Services

This space is used for:

  • Parking permits for on-campus parking

Campus Security

Campus Security offers a variety of safety services. These services protect all University personnel and property with the help of an extensive staff.

This office employs several student security guards. They attend mandatory training in:

  • conflict resolution
  • first aid
  • patrol tactics
  • crime prevention
  • community policing
  • self-defense, and more

Communications staff dispatch and receive calls, monitor surveillance cameras, distribute crime prevention materials, and assist campus community needs.

Student Escort

Campus Security provides students rides until 2:30am within a four-block radius of campus. Students who are walking can also be escorted 24/7.

We encourage students to use their cell phones they want to request an escort. Or to call a friend and inform them when they’ll be home.

The University has a handful of courtesy phones located across campus for those who don’t own a personal device.

Emergency Poles

There are several blue emergency poles located across campus, including our East Lake location.

If you need assistance, a Campus Security worker will immediately respond via intercom. If you press the red button, a Campus Security worker will arrive within 90 seconds if you press the red button.

If Campus Security needs to contact the Winona City Police, the police can arrive within just three minutes.

None of this information is meant to scare you. We just want you to know that when you become a Warrior, you join our family. And we’re going to look out for you and your safety and security.

Parking Services

If you do end up bringing your own vehicle, you’re going to need a place to park it.

That’s why we offer a ton of parking lots available right on or near Main Campus and East Lake Apartments. Make sure to follow our regulations. That way, you don’t have to deal with a parking violation.

Parking Permits

You’ll need to purchase a parking permit through the Warrior Hub if you want to park on campus.

Permits vary in price depending on the type of permit purchased. Permits are effective for one academic year.

Simply fill out the parking permit application, pay the fee, and pick up your permit from Parking Services in Sheehan Hall.

Visitor Parking

Everyone visiting Winona State must get a visitor parking pass.

You can park in one of our visitor parking lots, on the street, or nearby one of our several campus parking meters.

Street Parking & Ordinances

There is plenty of street-parking around WSU campus if you don’t wish to get a parking permit.

You will have to follow all city ordinances for street-parking. These ordinances include Alternate-Side Parking in the wintertime and the year-round 20-Hour Parking Ordinance.

Winona State has the authority to monitor all city streets within and bordering the campus. This is because WSU and the City of Winona have a “Joint Powers Agreement.” If you receive a citation from WSU, then you can handle it at WSU Parking Services.

The Winona Police Department will enforce all city ordinances and violations of state parking regulations on public streets off WSU campuses. If you receive a citation from the Winona Police Department, you can’t handle it at WSU Parking Services.


Didn’t bring your own vehicle? No sweat! You have access to a variety of transportation options.

Rent a bike for free or catch a bus. Warriors ride our campus shuttle and Winona transit for free.

Or you can call a cab, if you prefer. Lyft, Yellow Cab, and Economy Cab all operate in Winona.

Since Main Campus is located in the heart of Winona and most of everything you need is just five minutes away, stretch your legs and take a walk.

Whether you’re in the mood to hit downtown or chill by the lake, you can easily get to wherever you’re going.