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There’s a reason WSU has the highest student success rate in the Minnesota State System. Our faculty and staff go above and beyond to make sure students get help in a way that suits your needs.

Whether you’re in need of academic support, help with your job search, or various health and wellness services, all you have to do is ask.

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Paying for College

Financial Aid & Scholarships

A college education is an investment in your future.

Like any other investment, it is important to understand the financial aid process so you can make the best choice for your needs.

At WSU, using financial aid to pay for college is easier than you think. In fact, 94% of undergraduate students receive financial aid and scholarships.

This Financial Aid Timeline (PDF) shows you all the steps in the process.

If you have questions at any time, you can contact the Financial Aid Office at or 507.457.5090.

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Academic & Career Support

The Warrior Success Center

The Warrior Success Center has just about everything you need for academic and career support.

Talk to professional advisors for help as you transition into life at WSU, navigate your educational journey, and launch your career.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact or stop by Maxwell 314 to meet with an advisor.

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5 Expert Tips for College Success

Ron Strege is the Director of the Warrior Success Center, and he helps students to overcome all sorts of challenges that come with being in college. Here are the five things that Ron believes will help you be successful at WSU….

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Warrior Success Center Q&A

Wondering where to get started looking for a campus job? Or how you can get academic support? You are by no means the first to ask these questions. Here are answers to some of the top questions Ron Strege is asked by students…

Access Services

 We want all students to succeed at WSU. If you have a documented disability, you can request accommodations through Access Services and get the services you need to achieve your academic goals.

What Qualifies as a Disability?

 According to State and Federal legislation, a disability is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

These activities include the ability to:

  • See
  • Think
  • Read
  • Talk
  • Walk
  • Write
  • Memorize
  • Hear
  • Learn
  • Concentrate

Who is Eligible for Access Services?

Any student enrolled at WSU with a documented disability is eligible to use Access Services.

Examples of disabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Learning disabilities
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Low mobility
  • Hearing loss
  • Low vision

What are Academic Accommodations?

An academic accommodation is a modification that is made to a course that eliminates or
minimizes disability-related barriers to allow for equal access and opportunity of success.

Some common accommodations include:

  • Extended Time on Exams
  • Quiet, Low Distraction Test Location
  • Exams and Texts in Alternate Format
  • Accessible Classrooms and Labs
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Note-Taking Technology
  • Scribes
  • Disability Advising

When Should I Register with Access Services?

New and transfer students can register as soon as they are accepted to Winona State University.

However, you can register with Access Services at any time during your studies at WSU.

How to Register

  1. Using your StarID, complete the online registration form
  2. You will be contacted by Access Services staff to set up a Welcome Meeting
  3. Submit supporting documentation with your registration form or bring it to your Welcome Meeting. Examples of supporting documentation include: IEP, 504 plan, evaluations or assessments.

Please contact us with any questions!

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Advising Services

Advising Services offers one-on-one individual assistance with:

  • Exploring majors/minors
  • Helping AA and PSEO students register for courses
  • Improving academic performance
  • Answering questions or concerns about college
  • Personal Interests and Strengths assessments

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How to Choose a Major

  1. Complete a self-assessment and uncover your interests, strengths and values
  2. Explore majors and find programs that interest you
  3. Explore careers and define possible career goals
  4. Evaluate your options by narrowing down your list and comparing your choices
  5. Declare your major
Myth 1: There is only one major and career for me.

Truth: Your interests, strengths, values, and life goals are diverse, so there are many majors and careers that could be right for you.

Which one (or combination) makes sense for you right now?

Myth 2: If I pick the wrong major now, I will struggle with this career my whole life.

Truth: Today’s working world allows for creating flexibility and advancement with many graduates likely to change jobs 7+ times.

Start with a career you could see yourself doing for the first 5 years.

During that time new opportunities will appear based on your strengths, your evolving interests, and your hard work.

As doors open, choose the ones that make sense for you!

Myth 4: Employers only look for certain majors.

Truth: More and more, employers are stating that what sets the best candidates apart are critical thinking and soft skills.

Most state that they are confident in training new recruits on specific job requirements, but have difficulty finding people skilled in teamwork, communication, leadership, professionalism, and work ethic.

Enhance your skills through part-time jobs, volunteering, internships, studying abroad, and involvement in clubs and organizations.

Myth 3: If I wait long enough, a major will come to me.

Truth: Not likely.

Deciding a major comes more easily to some people but if that’s not you, then doing some self-assessments and exploring your major and career interests will give you the information you need to make your choice.

Career Services

Career Services offers one-on-one personal support with

  • Exploring careers
  • Searching for on-campus jobs, internships, part-time and full-time employment
  • Writing resumes and cover letters
  • Preparing for interviews via in-person or online coaching
  • On-campus interviews
  • Applying to graduate school
  • Career assessments
  • Online job search and career tools

We also host job fairs and other special career events throughout the semester.


Connect with Us

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Winona Campus

Rochester Campus

  • Call 507.285.7100
  • Email
  • Stop in and see us on the Student Services 125

Interested in On-Campus Jobs?

WSU has 300+ work study positions and 500+ student help positions available each semester with positions available in a wide variety of departments offering a wide range of experiences.

These are just some of the areas on campus where you could get a job:

  • Library & Technical Support
  • WSU Children’s Center
  • Admissions
  • Equity & Inclusive Excellence
  • Integrated Wellness Center
  • Housing & Residence Life
  • Chartwell’s Dining Services
  • Student Union
  • Mailroom, Parking & Facilities
  • University Marketing & Communications
  • Camps & Conferencing
  • Security
  • Warrior Hub & Warrior Success Center

How to Apply

To apply, simply login to your WSU Handshake account.

Applications Open

  • Fall positions – Aug. 1
  • Spring positions – Nov. 1
  • Summer positions – April 1

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services offers free tutoring for over 100 classes.

Students use almost 20,000 hours of tutoring each year. Over 60 smart, friendly WSU students work as tutors and s2i leaders.

Tutoring Services is located in the perfect building for studying—Krueger Library!

Come see us in Room 220 for face-to-face tutoring.

How Much Tutoring Can I Use?

  • Drop-In & s2i: Unlimited
  • Appointments: Up to 2 appointments a week with a particular tutor, but you can see multiple tutors.
  • Professional online tutors: 15 hours a school year

Online Peer Tutoring

We have a Tutoring Services Zoom Room that is a one-stop shop for all online peer tutoring—both drop-in and appointments.

Online Professional Tutoring

Are you a night owl or an early bird?

All WSU students get 24/7 access to free professional online tutoring.

S2I Program

With the S2I Program, tutors are embedded into some of our most challenging courses and offer highly effective group study sessions each week.

Even More Options for Academic Support

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free, personalized instruction during any stage of writing, reading or research.

No matter your major or the type of assignment, Writing Center tutors can help you improve your writing skills.

Krueger Library

The Krueger Library is open to students for computers, printers, scanners, Wi-Fi, and study space.

You can request books and articles — even talk to a librarian for help with research all online.

All-Around Wellness

You can rely on WSU to make sure you’re always on your A-game with on-campus wellness services just for students.

Health Services

The Health Services team has you covered from head to toe with primary care and specialty services for injuries, illnesses and immunizations.

Not sure if you need to see a doctor? Have a health question and need expert advice?

Call the Ask-a-Nurse Message Line at 507.457.2292 if you’re concerned but don’t know what to do next.

Counseling Services

Mental health is just as important as your physical health.

If you want to talk to someone or need support during a crisis, the Counseling Services team is here to help.

The professional staff provides free confidential counseling in a safe environment and can connect you to even more helpful resources.

A Welcoming Community

Equity & Inclusive Excellence

Something that makes college so exciting is meeting people from different backgrounds. And WSU is no exception.

The Equity & Inclusive Excellence Office offers a mentoring program, sponsors cultural events and encourages discussion about how we can all be more understanding of others.

Family Ties and Guiding Warriors Mentoring are two programs that are offered to help new students build connections and achieve their college goals.

The KEAP Center is a safe space where all are welcome to meet new friends and rest easy in their identities.

This partnership also empowers Warriors to successfully live in a global society and use their voice to change the world we live in.

Building an equitable community requires hard work and sustained effort. WSU is taking our first action steps and asks our community to do the same.