Darrell W. Krueger Library

The Darrell W. Krueger Library is located on the southeast edge of Main Campus between Minné Hall and the Integrated Wellness Complex (IWC).

The library features a variety of comfy study lounges as well as helpful resource centers.

What’s In This Building?

Front Desk

This space is used for:

  • Book check-out
  • Laptop & whiteboard accessory rental
  • Materials reserved by professors

Digital Learning Commons

This space is used for:

  • Technology troubleshooting
  • Color printing

Research & Reference Desk

This space is used for:

  • Research assistance
  • Appointments with librarians

Einstein Coffee & Bagels

This space is used for:

  • Bite to eat
  • Socializing

Tutoring Services

This space is used for:

  • Assistance with assignments
  • Appointments & drop-ins

Study Spaces

There are many types of study spaces available, including:

  • Open-concept tables
  • Cubicle work areas
  • Private study rooms

Front Desk

The front desk is the all-in-one circulation/reserve/information gallery.

Use your Warrior ID card to check out books, laptop chargers, or whiteboard markers and erasers.

You can also look at class materials your professor puts on hold.

Digital Learning Commons

The Digital Learning Commons (DLC) is an extension of Tech Support. DLC offers troubleshooting services for any tech issues, as well as color printing in a convenient location.

Research & Reference Desk

During your college career, you’ll likely write at least one research paper. If you need help understanding and focusing your research, reach out to a librarian. They’re the link between you and library resources.

Each major or minor has a librarian who is familiar with specialized topics in that area.

So, make an appointment to meet one-on-one or stop by the Research & Reference Desk. Our librarians will help you with navigating our databases, finding scholarly sources, properly citing your findings, and more.

Einstein Coffee & Bagels

Need a caffeine boost to help you get through your study session?

Visit Einstein’s and order from a variety of drinks—like coffee and smoothies—bagels, and other snacks just the way you like them.

This pitstop is the best when you need to buckle down and prepare for an upcoming assignment or exam, while curbing your library munchies.

This café accepts Kryzsko Kash—our on-campus currency—as well as regular cash, debit or credit.

a tutor works with student

Tutoring Services

We could all use some help sometimes. That’s why we offer free academic assistance on the second floor of the library. Tutoring Services strives to help you meet your goals via tutoring and a Supplement to Instruction Program (S2I).

Our undergraduate tutors are certified to assist you for many classes taught at WSU. If you’re interested in becoming a tutor or S2I Leader yourself, this serves as a rewarding on-campus job opportunity.

Tutoring Services isn’t a resource for “bad” students. You’re a smart cookie for recognizing that you need help and for reaching out to get it.

So, make a one-on-one appointment or walk right in during drop-in hours. You can also get help within a small group. No matter what your session looks like, make sure show up ahead of your assignment’s due date. Our tutors are happy to help, but there’s only so much they can do when under a time crunch.

If you need tutoring right away, however, all WSU students have access to Tutor.com (you can find this information in the lower-right corner of your D2L homepage). Tutor.com allows you to work with professional tutors who are available 24/7 for many subjects. You have access to 15 free hours per academic year.

Study Spaces

If you’re looking for a place to study, you couldn’t pick a better building.

The library offers tons of tables, chairs, and desks through all three floors. With each floor, you’re encouraged to use the preferred volume of voice.

Along with our open study spaces, the library offers 22 study rooms that you can reserve online for a block of time.

Most of these study rooms are equipped with a whiteboard and monitor screen. That means you can easily solve problems by hand or work on an upcoming presentation.

There’s no bad place to study, and you’re bound to find your right space (and plenty of charging stations) in this one building.

First Floor: Normal Volume

On the first floor, you can use a normal conversational tone.

This is a great level for those wanting to collaborate with others for group work or talking through assignments.

Second Floor: Light Whisper

On the second floor, you can use a light whisper.

This is a great level for those wanting to be in a quieter space, while having the freedom to pipe up without being too distracting to others.

Third Floor: Silence

On the third floor, you can be completely silent.

This isn’t as scary as you think. This is a great level for those wanting to complete their work without any distractions.