COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Case Update

During the past week, 26 new positive cases of COVID-19 were reported (up from 22) for a current total of 43 active positive cases (up from 37).

The total number of students on- and off-campus who are currently quarantining stands at 33, with those currently isolating at 69.

The university remains in Level 2 (Yellow) of its Campus Safety Levels. See more details on WSU’s COVID-19 dashboard.


The COVID Situation in Winona, Minnesota, & the Midwest is Critical

The Governor of Minnesota enacted “Dial Back, Minnesota”, a temporary pause of most social activities, in-person dining, sports, and indoor fitness activity in group settings.

This four-week pause will be in place between Nov. 20 – Dec. 18, 2020, and includes the following:

  • In-person social gatherings with individuals outside your household are prohibited
  • Bars and restaurants are dialed back to take-out and delivery service only
  • Gyms, fitness studios, entertainment venues, event spaces, and similar establishments will need to close

Rochester Campus Update

WSU has programs and services co-located within the Rochester Community and Technical College campus.

Students, faculty, and staff with our Rochester programs should be aware that there will be changes to RCTC campus buildings and services from Nov. 23 – Dec. 4.

If you have in-person courses scheduled at RCTC you will continue to receive information from your instructor regarding your class schedule or delivery methods.

Your Choices Matter

Get a COVID-19 Test Today:

  • Learn how to get a COVID-19 test at WSU Health and Wellness Services if you have had symptoms or been in contact with someone who has tested positive.
  • Testing locations in town offer COVID-19 tests even if you have no symptoms or known contact with the virus
  • Minnesota offers free, at-home COVID-19 saliva testing for people who believe they need to be tested, with or without symptoms.


Get a Flu Shot: Monday, Nov. 23 from 10am-4pm in Kryzsko Oak Rooms E-F

18-35 year-olds are disproportionately spreading the COVID-19 virus. You may be asymptomatic and unaware that you are infected and contagious. It is an unfair burden but you can be the Hero of this story.

Please get tested and refrain from gatherings. What you choose to do at this time could save someone’s life.

Connie Kamara

WSU’s Director of Health & Wellness Services

Message from President Olson & Dr. Denise McDowell

President Olson provides the weekly COVID-19 Update, and he and Dr. Denise McDowell share a Thanksgiving message encouraging safe choices, and expressing their gratitude.

Stay Safe this Thanksgiving

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the country, we hope you choose to stay where you are to help stop the spread.

But if you are leaving town, please take these four steps before you travel.

  • Get Your Flu Shot | Nov. 23 from 10am-4pm in Kryzsko Oak Rooms E-F
  • Be Aware of Local COVID-19 Case Rates
  • Lay Low
  • Get a COVID-19 Test

Also, seriously consider the risks if you plan to have any holiday gatherings.

For those who are staying in Winona, our community is grateful that we can count on you. That’s why community members are coming together to provide Thanksgiving meals to neighbors in need.

You can sign up to receive a meal and a volunteer will drop off a homecooked or pre-purchased meal on Wed., Nov. 25.

And if you’d like to be one of those volunteers, you can sign up to donate a meal.

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Mask Up. Back Up. Wash Up. Check Up. Check In.
Check In

Count on Me

Thank you to Rebecca, Kaitlyn, and Mary, for letting us know that we can count on you!

#CountOnMe #WarriorsTogether

My pandemic hack is to stay social!

Even though you cannot always see each other in person – send a text or give someone a call! It can help make their day better and yours as well.

Even though life has changed, be open to new opportunities and experiences because you never know how your life can change for the better.

Mary Rooney

Senior, Elementary Education Major

COVID Self-Care Bingo Challenge

With the COVID Bingo Wellness Challenge, you can learn how to be safe, take care of your mental health and work on your well-being as we do our part to reduce COVID-19 cases in our community and finish the semester strong.

Plus you can earn prizes and co-curricular credits for participating!

Learn how to join the challenge and download your BINGO card today (PDF).

Mental Health Check-In: Gratitude for the Good in Your Life

It’s been a long, tough year and this week we were dealt more bad news as COVID-19 cases are rising and the activities of our “new normal” life are dialed back.

It can seem like everything is terrible. It can seem like there’s nothing to look forward to.

But that’s not true.

Good things—and people!– enter our lives all the time, but often we don’t take the time to notice and appreciate them.

WSU Counselor Mick Lynch encourages you to reflect on the last 24 hours and find three positive experiences you can be grateful for. Make this a daily practice, and you can start to feel a change in your mental health and your relationships.

Learn More

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