COVID-19 Update

We asked. You responded. It’s working. Keep it up!

Our efforts our paying off. The university’s self-imposed campus quarantine that was issued last week is making a difference thanks to all our Warriors coming together and following the guidance.

Our current total is 125 active positive cases, which is down from 209 active positive cases the previous reporting period. You can see more details on WSU’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Remember: There’s a lot you can still do during quarantine. In fact, we encourage students to take Zoom breaks, and get outside with (masked) friends whether you are hanging out on campus, getting a take-out picnic lunch from the Caf, or exploring the outdoors in Winona.

If you are feeling homesick or down or struggling in any way, please know we’re here for you. From counseling appointments to the Warrior Cupboard pantry, there are student support services and staff ready to help you out.

What’s Next?

As of now, the plan is for quarantine to ease on Sept. 22, but that won’t mean a full return all activities. Rather, it will be a slow, phased return where we can bring back some face-to face classes, access to facilities such as the fitness center, and some smaller group activities for clubs and residence halls.

In order to prevent returning to another quarantine, we’ll need to stay cautious and diligent in our Count on Me efforts: Mask up. Back up. Wash up. Check up. Check in.

Message from President Olson

Dr. Olson gives us an update on where we are now (COVID-19 safety level yellow), what that means, what we’re asking all Warriors to do, and how decisions are made.

The hope is we’ll stay the whole semester. We’ll be here. And nobody’s going home. The way to do that is for us to all work together.

Message from Student Senate President Clara Kuerschner

Clara shares three tips for how we can get through this challenging time.

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