COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Case Update

We’re Holding Steady.

During the most past week, 15 new positive cases of COVID-19 were reported for a current total of 23 active positive cases.

The total number of students on- and off-campus who are currently quarantining stands at 94, with those currently isolating at 46. See more details on WSU’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Be Careful Out There.

Even though our campus numbers are holding steady, Winona County, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and surrounding regions are seeing a rapid rise in COVID-19 spread.

Hospitals across the state have strained resources and many are at capacity. Be cautious when going out into the community:

  • Avoid crowded places
  • Wear your mask
  • Keep a 6-foot distance
  • Wash your hands thoroughly

Spring Break Decision

Thank you to those who completed the Spring Break survey. It was a difficult decision, but WSU leadership decided that, to help control the spread of COVID-19, we won’t be taking a week off for Spring Break.

Instead, we will be taking Break Days throughout the semester. This decision was informed by the resolution Student Senate presented to President Olson, requesting Spring Break days versus a Spring Break week.

The official start and end dates for Spring will remain as planned: Classes begin Jan. 11, 2021 and Spring Commencement will be held on May 7, 2021.

However, finals week will shift one week earlier. See the full Spring Break details, including Break Day dates.

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Check In

Downtown Art Tour, Dream Closet & Clubs

If you haven’t been in Downtown Winona for a while, there are some new additions to explore.

Look down at the sidewalk, and you might just be inspired by the original poems stamped into the concrete for the Winona Poetry Walk project. While you’re taking in the poetry, you’ll see photos from the Winona Pandemic Portrait project in several storefront windows on 3rd St.

Student clubs are still going strong as club leaders have risen to the challenges of creating community despite the pandemic.

Looking for a wardrobe refresh? Save money and score new-to-you threads at Dream Closet’s drive-up shopping event this Saturday from 12-3pm.

Post-Election Support & Mental Health Check In

Stressed out waiting for the 2020 election results? You aren’t the only one!

Join other students and Jamie Sanders, WSU Counselor, in a supportive, confidential conversation about managing election stress on Tuesday from 2-3pm. The conversation will be focused on our well-being, not our political affiliations.

WSU Counselor Mick Lynch offers a handy acronym – CHEERS – to help reduce stress by changing your mindset, eating well, exercising, taking time to relax and getting enough sleep.

Here’s CHEERS to all Warriors as we finish this semester strong!

Preparing for a Safe Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Break is coming up fast, so now is the time to talk to your family about holiday plans.

If you have in-person classes and finals, you are strongly encouraged to stay on campus over Thanksgiving Break. This will reduce your chances of getting COVID-19 and possibly spreading it to your family and friends.

If you do plan to visit family, you should lay low for the next few weeks and make a plan to travel safely. If you travel home for Thanksgiving, consider staying home to finish out the semester. 

Message from President Olson & Jamie Sanders

President Olson provides the weekly COVID-19 Update, shares the Spring Break decision, and encourages mutual understanding in the wake of the election.

WSU Counselor Jamie Sanders offers tips on how to combat feelings of isolation, disconnection and helpless.

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