COVID-19 Update

Positive COVID Cases on the Rise

After a month of decreasing numbers, positive COVID cases on campus are rising. This past week’s reporting period, we’ve had 44 new positive cases (up from 14 the week before) and a total of 55 active positive cases. See more details on WSU’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Despite this week’s increase, Winona State remains within the parameters indicated in Level 2 (Yellow) of our Campus Safety Levels.

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Mask Up. Back Up. Wash Up. Check Up. Check In.
Check In

#CountOnMe: Protecting Your Classmates

We want to turn the tide back so we can stay together on campus, which means we need every Warrior to do their part.

Shoutout to Nick, Ola, and Aurea! We’re grateful we can count on you. Learn how to get your free Count on Me sticker to show your support.

Looking for a reason to take the 5 daily actions? When you do, you help protect your Warrior classmates, like Everett.

As someone who easily gets pneumonia after contracting a simple cold, it’s important to me that I physically distance myself whenever possible and avoid being indoors with others who may not be wearing a mask.
Everett Hall '21

Grading Changes: Pass/No Credit

New Deadline

The deadline to change your grading method has been extended to the last day of the semester.

Not sure if you should make the switch from a letter grade to Pass/No Credit grades? Here are some pros & cons to help weigh your options.

And as always, you should talk to your faculty advisor or Warrior Success Center advisors to get personalized support for your situation.

Your Voice: Spring Break, IWC

As the pandemic forces us to make tough choices, we are committed to including student input at the decision-making table.

Take the Spring Break survey to let President Olson and university leadership know which of the break options you prefer. You can also share your thoughts with your Student Senate representatives.

Take the Integrated Wellness survey to help inform planning decisions for winter and spring, including the Fitness Center, Intramurals and other recreational sports.

Best Hiking in the Area & Drive-In Entertainment

Get out of the house and out of Winona with these nearby hiking trails.

Hiking is a pandemic-friendly way to savor the sunshine and these colorful fall days before we trade our hiking shoes for snow boots. Visit Winona also has a list of hiking and biking trails right here in our backyard.

If you missed the “Black Panther” movie showing on campus this week, you have a second chance to see it at this Saturday’s Lake Park Drive-In Music & Movies at the Band Shell, along with a performance by rapper-dancer-entertainer Nur-D from 6pm – 10pm.

In the meantime, here’s 20 seconds of Winona blufftop views by senior Matt Myszewski.

Wisconsin Travel Advisory Continues

In late September, Winona County Emergency Management put out a travel alert advising against travel to La Crosse County for any non-essential leisure activities, like visiting restaurants, bars and non-essential shopping and activities.

That travel alert remains in effect.

The COVID situation for our neighbors down river in La Crosse – as well as most of the state of Wisconsin – continues to be a concern, with the state experiencing rising case numbers.

Check In: Motivation

When life gets stressful, it’s easy to feel unmotivated. WSU Counselor Mick Lynch encourages us to think of motivation as a choice, not just a feeling.

We can choose to do things– simple, small everyday actions– to make our days better. It’s good enough to get dressed in the morning, get to classes and get enough sleep.

By taking one thing at a time one day at a time, we can get through this pandemic.

Message from President Olson & Provost Newton

President Olson provides the weekly COVID-19 Update and reminds us what is at stake.

Provost Newton shares academic announcements, including life after Thanksgiving, and the extension of the deadline to change grading method.

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