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There comes a time every year when a student must decide where he or she wants to live for the upcoming year. Typically, freshmen live in the dorms on campus and may not be sure where to go. With so many living options at Winona State, the decision can be difficult. A lot of students stay away from living on the west side of campus because of the annoying bus rides and the distance from main campus. Personally, I lived on West Campus my freshman year and I loved it.

This year, West Campus is trying something new to try to spark an interest in living on the other side of town.With this program, students have to make yet another decision, but this one is a fun one! Students living on West have long been grouped into into ā€œhousesā€ (like in the Harry Potter books!) which are determined based on where their dorm rooms are located. Eridanus and Octans are both in Maria, Aquila is in Tau, & Hydra, Pyxis, Vela and Volans are all in Lourdes Hall. Now, they are taking the House groups a step further with the addition of House Interest Communities.

The House Interest Community Program allows students to decide where they want to live, that is, which House to belong to, depending on what their interests are. The options are: civil action, global awareness, green living, health and wellness, leadership, outdoor adventure and social justice.

Throughout the year, the students learn with an experienced leader in a classroom and out in the community about their House’s selected topic. Students will also earn a credit by going on the fun adventures and giving back to the community by leading activities, learning about new ideas., and exploring Winona. This is just another way that Winona State students are working to improve our world!

Students canoeing down a river

Some House Interest Communities will plan events that take students into the outdoors, like this canoeing trip!

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