Starting in the fall, our residence halls will all have Residential Learning Communities as a way for students who have interests in these interdisciplinary topics to meet and get to know each other with a faculty member to talk about, go on field trips and do projects that are related to the topic! These courses will be designed as a one credit course for all students who are living in the halls and want to be a part of the communities.


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What are RLCs?

“[These] residential communities exist to connect students to other students, to faculty, and to WSU and the Winona community so that they will find support here and graduate with us”, said Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life Sarah Olcott.

In the past, they were known as House Interest Communities and were unique to West Campus. But no worries! The house system (which is kind of like Harry Potter!) on West will remain intact and continue to provide competition and camaraderie throughout the halls.

There will now be 12 RLCs across Main and West Campus. Each building will have one or two in their hall.

Here are the different communities to choose from and the buildings they will be in!

  1. Activators

This community will be in Lourdes Hall and will focus on staying active, fit, and healthy in college. The students who are in this community will promote and practice lifestyle choices that contribute to an overall goal of health and wellness.

  1. Career Readiness

Career Readiness will be in Morey and Shepard in the Quad and focuses on the processes and skills that are needed to be successful in any future career. Here, you can explore different majors and careers to find opportunities for you to encounter.

  1. First Generation Community

In Lourdes, you will find the community specifically designed to support first generation students. These students will be given support in how to navigate college resources to help them be successful in the years to come.

  1. Health Care-ers

Haake Hall provides a community for students who are interested in any health care profession. Here, you can explore career and major options, network with students and make a plan for the future. This community includes field trips and speakers to help you throughout your journey!

  1. Global Connections

Global Connections in Sheehan Hall will connect students to on-campus and community-based global experiences, as well as teach them about our world and those we share it with.

  1. Green Living

If you’re interested in making a change and care about the environment, Richards Hall in the Quad is the place for you! In this community, you will learn about green living, exploring sustainability resources, and how to reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Leadership

Richards Hall is also home to our Leadership Residential Learning community. It will provide you with the opportunities you need to explore personal and community leadership!

  1. Mission Living

Maria Hall on West Campus will house a Mission Living Residential Learning community program. Here, you will be able to participate in community service and other outreach programs to help Winona State and our surrounding community.

9 & 10. Outdoor Adventure

Our Outdoor Adventure Communities have two homes on campus: Maria Hall on West Campus and Sheehan Hall on Main. These communities are here to lead explorations outside in our beautiful town.

  1. Sophomore Year Experience

Housed in Kirkland Hall, this learning community is meant to help connect second-year students who are living in the hall through career development, academic opportunities, and fun outings. This is a great opportunity for incoming transfer students as well!

  1. Your Voice

The last community is in Conway Hall in the Quad. Here, students will be able to share their thoughts on issues around social justice, equity, and human rights. It promotes positive citizenship and social justice through self-awareness, education, and new experiences.

Hopefully this walk-through of the different Residential Learning Communities on campus will help you decide which residence hall to live in, and we can’t wait to see you on campus and in our communities next year!

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