With midterms officially behind us at WSU, the next round of exams to prepare for are finals. Although they may seem like forever away, they tend to creep up on us every semester. Here are 10 signs that finals week is fast approaching us.


1. A Mugby Junction cup is in everyone’s hands

Thor smashes a coffee cup on the floor


2. People you’ve never seen before appear in class

a woman looks confused


3. Everyone’s default outfit is sweatpants

a guy wears sweatpants for a week


4. Your favorite study spot in the library is now gone

a girl crying


5. Your backpack is so big that one slip on the ice and you’re going down

a person falls wearing an enormous backpack


6. People look like zombies from lack of sleep

a zombie


7. Baldwin Lounge is full of students alternately studying and sleeping

students sleeping in library


8. There are always lines in Zane’s for food no matter the time

people waiting to be served


9. Students are rushing to finish projects and papers

person typing a paper


10. But once the finals are over, we celebrate!

a woman dances on a plane


Mark your calendars for finals season and make sure not to save everything until the last minute, Warriors! Happy studying!


Updated by Hailey Seipel (10/21/2019)

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