Spring is finally here! Even though it really doesn’t seem that way in Minnesota quite yet, the first day of spring has officially sprung, according to the calendar.

Although the temperatures are still colder than we would like and snow can still be found on the ground, there are hints of long-awaited signs of spring around campus, and there are more to keep a lookout for as things finally warm up!

Here are 10 signs of spring on campus:

1. Hammocks in trees

There is no better study spot than hanging in a hammock with your friends in semi-warm weather! The warmer it gets; the more hammocks we tend to spot. If you plan on “hanging” out, be careful of what trees you hang from! Some smaller trees and certain types may be harmed by hammocks.

2. Long boarders

Why walk to class when you can skate there? The less ice and snow on the streets and sidewalks, the more guaranteed us walkers are to get run over by a long boarder on campus.

3. Trees and flowers coming back to life

One of my favorite things about spring is seeing our beautiful campus come back to life with all of the colorful flowers and greenery!

4. No more snow gear

As it warms up for spring, we can finally start to leave the house in light jackets or sweaters and not risk frostbite. You might even see some people who are daring enough to wear shorts and a T-shirt on 45-degree days.

5. Frisbees flying

While walking to class on a warmer day in the spring you are bound to see a frisbee game or two being played in the less snow-covered grasses. You might spot some students on campus playing hacky sack or tossing a football around as well.

6. More dogs

People tend to start walking their dogs more as the days get warmer, which means more cuteness for us students to see walking around campus.

7. More club activity at the gazebo

With the warming temperatures, more clubs and groups will be taking advantage of the gazebo to promote fundraisers, events and causes. This means you’ll see more chances to get involved and will maybe snag a few treats on your way to class.

8. Runners

Now people can break free of the gym and head outside to get their daily run in. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by fitness as you stroll through campus now.

9. Straight loungin’

Once the ground is no longer soggy and the green grass returns, students will be sprawling on blankets all over campus soaking up the sun.

10. More smiling faces

There tends to be more life and activity from us students in the spring because, well, it’s not freezing cold and we don’t have to hide out in our homes. We’re finally breaking free of the winter blues, so you’ll start feeling a different vibe on campus.

Written in part by Allison Mueller