In Winona, the winters are long—very long. And though many of us are in denial that warmth will ever come again, gradually, we pass through the stages of acceptance and enjoy a Winona spring once again.

1. Absolute denial

girl says no

Because we know better than to think warmth is ever coming back.

2. Being skeptical

man looks skeptical

We’re not really sure how to feel when the temp reaches above 30 degrees.

3. Shedding layers

woman takes off coat

And it feels so good.

4. Putting the layers back on to endure the inevitable last-minute snow storm

man talking

We can’t even.

5. Taking your winter coat out of storage, because you actually still need it

woman asks"are you kidding me?"

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

6. Wearing a T-shirt in 40 degrees and not feeling cold at all
woman skipping and singing

Even when spring hasn’t really arrived, we just pretend it has.

7. Refusing to acknowledge any temperature below 50

man shakes finger

No, we will NEVER go back there.

8. Actually smiling when you’re outside

little girl smiles

It’s not really our fault; our faces were frozen the entirety of winter.

9. Hitting the Drive-Inn, the lakes, the bluffs, the baseball fields and everything else you associate with Winona in the Spring

man yells "yes to all"

Yes. Yes to all.

10. Forgetting that winter ever even happened

man says "it's over" on cellphone

Were the past four months even real?

Put away the boots and coats because the winter amnesia is coming, and so is the warm weather!

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Leah Dobihal

Leah graduated in 2015 with BA degrees in English and Spanish as well as a minor in Global Studies. She is originally from Lino Lake, MN but moved to Australia soon after graduation. Her true passion in life is travel–meeting new people, discovering new places–that’s what really feeds her soul. When she's not (or rather, don’t have the money to go) traveling, Leah loves reading, hiking, knitting and spending time with friends and family.