For many freshmen, going to college is the time they’ve been away from their families for months at a time. Homesickness is pretty common around the residence halls and it sucks–we know, we’ve been freshmen too. To help you avoid feeling homesick, we interviewed 22 freshman and asked them what they have been doing to adjust to college life. Here is their advice:

1. Keep busy

The more active you are the easier it will be to meet people and to feel at home.

a group of students smiling


2. Go to Class

This keeps your mind occupied as well as gives you something to feel proud of.

Students in a classroom


3. Get a Job

If you get an on or off campus job, you will meet quality people who could become life-long friends as well as get work experience for your resume.

students working at a coffeeshop


4. Explore Winona

Get out and get to know people, explore Winona’s treasures such as Sugar Loaf, Garvin Heights, the Lake Lodge and other area stomping grounds.

a person jumping into a lake from a rope swing


5. Hang Out with Friends from Your Hometown

Occasionally spend time with familiar faces as they can be a little piece of home at school. Be sure to return the favor and visit them at their colleges too!

visiting friends at college


6. Participate in Campus Activities

Join intramural teams or other clubs on campus. Participate in residence hall events also. These activities are a great way to meet the people living around you as well as people with similar interests.

students have a mock sumo wrestling match


7. Keep Your Door Open

Keep your door open and get to know those around you. They will become some of your best friends and will see you at your best and your worst.

a group of students


8. Occasionally Skype Friends and Family

Don’t call home every day as that can make you more homesick. But a little skype chat from time to time can be very reassuring and refreshing.



9. Keep Family Traditions Going

Maybe you had some fun family traditions like watching the Super Bowl, Sunday Muffin Day or Friday Game Night. Keep these traditions going with your new friend-family!

students eating dinner together


10. Decorate Your Room with Pictures

Putting up photos may seem like just a little thing but making your room look and feel like home can make a big difference.

decorated dorm rooms

–Trevor Frosig and Sara Bahnsen

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