It’s that time of the year…you’re sick of sharing a small space, and you can’t wait to eat real food for a month. You might be itching to leave your res hall right now, but trust me, you’re gonna miss that place someday.

1. Because having a tiny room isn’t always easy…but on the bright side, cleaning the entire area takes all of four minutes.


Mrs. Doubtfire dances while vaccuuming


2. Because the cafeteria is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

a man skipping


3. Because lofts and bunk beds are cool. Period.

two men dance excitedly


4. Because there’s always a roommate nearby.

a man jumps into another man's arms


5. Because community bathrooms give you many…interesting experiences. Enough said.

woman makes a disgusted face


6. Because fire drills are actually extremely fun. Especially when you have to run outside in your towel. Or footie pajamas. In the dark. In the snow.

Anna from Frozen in the snow

Ok, that’s not really a reason you’ll miss your residence hall!


7. Because your room becomes a cave of refuge after a bombed test.

a polar bear slides on the ice


8. Because you have cable so you can split your time between watching TV from your futon and watching Netflix in your bed.

two teens sitting on a couch


9. Because not having a real kitchen means having a stellar excuse for not learning how to cook. And keeping Hostess snacks and Fruit Roll-Ups under your bed.

woman quickly eats popcorn


10. Because living in the res halls is like having a gym membership. Yes, walking up the stairs does count as cardio. And climbing up to your bed does count as weight lifting.

a woman looks faint


11. Because you make the best of friends in the halls.

two boys give a secret friendship handshake


12. Because no matter what, you’ll thank your res hall room for all the memories.

an actor says thank you at an awards show