graduates listen to the commencement speaker

Don’t regret a single moment as you walk across the stage to receive your diploma

Building on my post last week, here are 25 more things that I believe students should do before graduating from WSU.

  1. Eat out at the Lakeview Drive Inn and Penguin Zesto
  2. Have a bonfire at Latsch Beach
  3. Jump in the Windom Park fountain. A must do on your graduation day!
  4. Go stargazing in the bluffs.
  5. Become involved and run for a leadership position within a club or organization that interests you
  6. Take a walk down to Levee Park
  7. Go tubing down Root River in Lanesboro, MN
  8. Eat a Bubs Burger
  9. Sit down with a professor and REALLY get to know them
  10. Go to Goodview beach for the day
  11. Take a class that is irrelevant to your major
  12. Attend a THAD performance
  13. Go on at least one spring break trip. You and your friend’s future work schedules will never probably line up making a weeklong trip next to impossible.
  14. Explore Winona’s surrounding areas (Wabasha, Lanesboro, La Crosse, etc.) Check out the blog posts 30 Minutes to Adventure and 60 Minutes to Adventure for some ideas.
  15. Get a picture with the “Winona State University” sign outside Sheehan
  16. Go to one Midwest Music Fest performance
  17. Go to Wing Night at ZaZa’s
  18. Attend the $3 movie night (ONLY $3!) I promise you will NEVER find $3 movie tickets ever again.
  19. Take a nap in the Kryzsko Solarium
  20. Study abroad or participate in a travel study. Not only will you get to see the world but also you will make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.
  21. Pull a team together and take part in a university sponsored charity event such as Relay for Life or Up Till Dawn
  22. Really get to know an international student. You can learn so much about a different culture by just talking with them.
  23. Get coffee with the one person you keep meaning to get in touch with
  24. Volunteer with a Winona non-profit organization
  25. Now, once you have completed around 95% of this list, graduate 🙂

Most of the items on these to-do lists come down to a few key pieces of advice: take advantage of everything Winona State University has to offer, become involved, step outside your comfort zone, do something out of the ordinary and, most importantly, don’t regret a single minute of it.

I hope you all embrace every moment of your college experience. I know I did, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

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Katlyn Plourde

Katlyn graduated in 2014 with a BA in Marketing. She is from Woodbury, MN and her interests include catching up on her latest TV obsession, hanging out with friends, playing piano, listening to music or playing around on Adobe Photoshop.