The leaves are falling, temperatures have dropped, and fall is officially underway! With the changing of seasons it’s always important that you’re prepared for what is to come the next few months.


Fall leaves on campus

Amy Nelson ’20


Now that we’re moving into cooler weather, check to make sure you have these fall necessities:


1. A nice jacket

It’s getting to that time when a light sweatshirt won’t cut it anymore. You need something that will actually keep you warm as the temperatures start to plummet. A nice jacket that you love and keeps you from freezing in the brisk, fall air is something you need.


2. Warm socks and shoes

Put the sandals, flats and Sperrys in the closet. It’s time to transition to boots and tennis shoes with socks so your feet won’t freeze! Wool socks are the best to wear if you’re looking to keep your feet warm and dry.


3. Hand sanitizer and tissues

We all know flu season will be here in no time and it’s time to be prepared. We also know that the chance of a classroom having tissues for you is pretty slim. Getting the small packs of tissues that will fit in your bag is something I highly recommended. When you’re sick you don’t want to spread your germs to a neighbor, so make sure you keep a travel size hand sanitizer on you and use it often!


4. Hot beverages and fall treats

Personally, I absolutely love anything pumpkin, cinnamon and apple flavored. No fall snack sounds better than pumpkin bread and hot apple cider. I know some people NEED their pumpkin spiced lattes this season; whatever your favorites are, take advantage of the season and have as much of it as you can.


5. A good pair of slippers

Everyone appreciates a comfy pair of moccasins. There’s no more walking to the dorm bathrooms in flip-flops and having cold feet as you make food in your kitchen. You need something to keep your feet warm in your living space too – not just outside. If you haven’t invested in some good slippers yet, it’s a must.


6. Chapstick

This is an extremely important thing to always have on you! Everyone should keep their favorite chapstick in their backpack. Having really dry lips and no chapstick on you is absolutely no fun, and you should avoid borrowing someone else’s so you don’t get sick.

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Kassidy Jackson

Kassidy graduated in 2019 with a BA in Public Relations and minors in Advertising and Dance. She is from Rosemount, MN and her interests include dancing, choreographing and listening to music.

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