It’s that time of year again… everyone is getting sick! From your professors who are cancelling class, your favorite cafeteria workers who aren’t there, to your closest friend who basically lives in your room.


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Before you catch whatever is coming your way next, make sure to be prepared. Follow these nine tips to try to protect yourself from all of the germs that are trying to wreak havoc on your immune system.


1. Get Cleaning Supplies

Even if you don’t want to spend money, this is one of the best ways you can protect yourself. Getting some antibacterial wipes and/or sprays can at least create a barrier to the germs coming in.

Make sure you wipe down everything that you touch often; your phone, computer, door knob, closet door, refrigerator, desk, and anything else you can think of.


2. Sleep!

Getting enough sleep is one of the most difficult things for any college student to do. Not getting enough sleep can weaken your immune system and make it more likely for you to get sick. So, the next time you’re debating doing an all-nighter, think about if you would rather finish all your homework or not get sick.


3. Wash Your Hands

Do this constantly. An acceptable alternative if you don’t have access to a sink is using hand sanitizer. While it’s not as effective as washing your hands, it can still be a lifesaver. Keep some in your backpack for any situation.


4. Eat Healthy

While it’s hard to eat healthy when pizza, burgers and fries sound so delicious, you need to eat things that are good for you. Simply getting a salad and eating fruit can make your chances of not getting sick a little bit better.


5. Drink Tea

Coffee is a college staple, meant to help us stay awake and motivated. While it perks us up, it’s not good for us. Drinking too much can actually inhibit your immune system from being effective. So, if you need that caffeine pick me up, try tea instead.


6. Get Your Flu Vaccine

If your favorite nursing student hasn’t told you this yet, then here you go: Get your flu vaccine! It can prevent you from getting sick and is usually covered by insurance. Head over to our Health Services in the IWC to get this taken care of today.


7. Drink Water

Hydrate or die-drate. Water can help keep your skin clear, make you feel less tired, and ensure that your immune system is staying strong.


8. Get Vitamin C

Make sure you’re eating your veggies because chances are that they will have vitamin C that can help prevent sickness. There are also vitamin C drops that you can buy at any store with a drugstore section.


9. Stay Away from Sick-Os

As much as you love your friends, if they’re sick, you do not want to get it. It’s great that you want to make sure they’re doing okay, but if you have the chance of getting sick, don’t risk it.

They’ll understand and if they’re sick, they probably don’t want any company anyway. Just bring over some soup and call it good.


You don’t want to get sick during this time of year, especially when you have two papers due next week, a test to study for, three assignments due tomorrow, and your best friend’s birthday to celebrate. Staying on top of preventing sickness can help make for a productive and successful end of the semester.

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