Everyone has their favorite time of the year, but no one can deny that each October we FALL in love with the crisp air and changing leaves!

Here are 15 reasons why we FALL in love with autumn:

1. Those changing leaves that make every street corner bright and every sidewalk crunchy

Between the bluffs and the reflections of the trees we see in our lakes and the river, there’s no escaping the beauty that engulfs us during these few pre-winter months. And of course, no one can resist the satisfaction that is stepping on those crunchy leaves all over campus.

2. Picking out and carving your favorite pumpkin

From big to small, it’s always fun to turn our pumpkins into fun Halloween lanterns. Not to mention, finding seeds through the slimy insides to put aside and bake as yummy seasonal treats!

3. Dressing up to be anything and everything without the slightest of judgments because who cares, it’s Halloween

It’s the one-day of the year you get to be WHATEVER you want. Go all out. You do you. It’s your time to really let loose and have fun with it!

4. Because who doesn’t love getting lost in a corn maze?

We all think its fun and games when we first enter that corn maze, but it’s definitely a relief finding our way back out. You’ll never be so happy to see more than cornstalks surrounding you, but the adventure you took to get there never gets old!

5. Haunted Houses

If you love the thrill, don’t forget to take advantage of all the haunt that comes alive in October! If you’re looking for a haunted house near you, check out the SMU ‘Walk of Horror’.

6. Not having to pay those pesky AC or heat bills

Fall weather is perfect in that it’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold. Our homes stay the perfect temperatures that the outdoors gives us and allows us to save money for more important things – like food.

7. The best of the best food recipes resurface

Chili, apple pie and our favorite hot drinks come back from its summer-time hibernation and fill us up with warm deliciousness!

 8. Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING

Tis the season to be basic and be proud! From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin pies, everyone enjoys their seasonal flavors to put them in the autumn spirit.

9. Visiting your favorite apple orchards

Apple orchards are perfect for dates or a day to hang with your friends (not to mention, the cute pictures you can take!) Picking apples and going on hayrides while you bite into a juicy delicious caramel apple; it doesn’t get better than that!

10. Perfect bon fire weather

Sitting around a warm fire bundled up in blankets and sweatshirts without sweating – it’s the perfect time of the year to practice your perfect s’mores-making skills.

11. Fall fashion is the best fashion

Girls typically take full advantage of fall fashion, and guys do too! It’s the easiest season to be comfy and still look like you’re up-to-date with the best fashion magazines.

12. Thanksgiving

Once we’re all full of candy we only get one month before we head home to see our families and pig out on a delicious Thanksgiving dinner! At this point, no one is ready to eat until Christmas.

13. The calm before Christmas

Fall gets us ready for the best of the upcoming holiday season, but it’s not close enough for us to stress just yet. There’s definitely time to be excited now and freak out later when we’re scrabbling to find last-minute gifts!

14. Football season begins

Whether you’re a fan or not, everyone can get down with Sunday Football. What’s better than yelling at people on the TV while chowing down on endless chicken wings and chips?

15. Finding every excuse to get free candy!

As college students, it’s probably deemed socially unacceptable to trick-or-treat, so why not find that perfect loophole to get free candy? I mean, what are your nieces and nephews really for?

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Lauren Reuteler

Lauren graduated in 2018 with a BS degree in Elementary Education and Child Advocacy Studies minor. She is from Champlin, MN and her hobbies include photography, traveling and hanging out with friends and family.