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One of my biggest regrets from college is not recording my experiences. I started keeping a daily journal my junior year, and it’s fascinating reading through it again. It feels like I’m reading back in time and allows me to reflect on my experiences.

Since journaling, I have started my own blog on WordPress, called Bizarre Brunette. I also blog for WSU’s blog (duh) and for Twin Cities Geeks. Blogging is one of my favorite stress-relieving hobbies and I have discovered how much I love to write. So if you have ever thought about starting a blog, but don’t know where to start, this post is for you!

The first step in creating a blog is figuring out the website you want to use. Tumblr is a rather common website to start out with. It’s really easy to create an account and it’s also really user friendly.

I had a Tumblr at one point, but I ended up deleting it within a couple months. For me, Tumblr feels a little too much like a social media site versus a personal blog. So I suggest starting with Tumblr, but then moving to another website.

I absolutely love WordPress (FYI: The WSU blogs use WordPress). WordPress is a little more complicated to use, but there are tutorials everywhere on how to do certain things. It’s free to create a blog, but you’re limited on blog layout options. I don’t pay for WordPress because I don’t have that many followers to make it worth it, but with time I may consider it.

The second step is choosing a name. I feel like this is the hardest part about blogging can be coming up with something creative and catchy. Also, changing your blog title is normal.

I had first started out with the Geeky Iceskater. It felt wrong to me, but I’m not creative at all. My friend came up with the Bizarre Brunette and that title was quirky and perfect. Asking friends for help can give you some creative aspect into what your blog title should be.

Finally, make sure to share your blog! Part of the fun of blogging is knowing that people are reading it. I share my blog posts on Facebook & Instagram. I am also part of a variety of different Facebook groups where I can share all of my new posts. Networking is the best way to get followers for your blog and to gain more views.

Blogging is a fantastic stress release and a great way to improve the quality of your writing. I highly recommend creating a blog because going to college for your undergrad only happens once. Don’t let memories fly by!

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Mariah Kaercher

Mariah graduated in 2017 with a BS in Exercise Science and a Nutrition minor. She is from Plymouth, MN and her hobbies include reading comic books, gaming on her Xbox 360 and playing with cats.

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