"Keep quiet and respect quiet hours"

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You hear that?  It’s the sound of…nothing.

Now is the perfect time to get down to business and completely focus on those upcoming finals because starting at 11pm on Friday, Dec. 5, all residence halls will be starting mandatory 24-hour quiet hours.  They will continue into the rest of finals week and end on Thursday, Dec. 11at 5pm.

Please remember to respect your neighbors and minimize all unnecessary noise and music. I know the new Taylor Swift CD is hard not to blast, but it’s time to use those headphones!

That being said, there are courtesy hours every day from 4-8pm.  During this period you can:

  • Vacuum and clean your room
  • Take down your loft (if you are moving out)
  • Move out anything “noisy” that cannot be done during quiet hours

Please remember that there will be NO WARNINGS given out for quiet hour violations – and yes, that means you can be written up for being too loud!

So, here’s a big cheer (but not too loud!) for finals week and being respectful in the residence halls during this time. Happy studying, Warriors!

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