This year I was able to celebrate Halloween in a different way. Instead of focusing on satisfying my ever-growing cravings for Twix bars and bags of Skittles, I, along with hundreds of other WSU students, was able to feed the candy-cravings of others, mostly little kids from the Winona area. Being on the other side of the candy bowl helped me to look at things from a different angle.

All throughout Lourdes Hall hung pools of caution tape and hanging cobwebs, daring the brave children of Winona to enter the halls and knock at their own risks. Slender Man posters and ghosts  hung from the walls. It didn’t take the kids too long to overcome their initial nerves. All of the kids were quite smart and realized that hidden behind the spooky exteriors and warning signs were nice college students who were more than happy to share their candy. All they had to do was ask “Trick or Treat!”

After witnessing this for some time, I began to think about the spooky holiday of Halloween in new way.

College, and life thereafter, is so much like the dark Lourdes Hall that warned the kids to stop and turn away. It’s so easy to see the blaring red light and warning signs that says, “don’t go any farther, you’ve made it far enough.” Maybe you’re too scared to approach that guy from your English class, switch your major, take out a loan, or break up with your significant other.

Well, take a note from the fearless youth parading through Winona’s Residence Halls. Ignore the lights. Find your courage. Knock. More likely than not, you’ll find a treat on the other side of that door.

I bet you didn’t know that Halloween had so much buried underneath it’s surface. Well, neither did I.

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Bethany Adkins

Bethany graduated in 2015 with BA degrees in Marketing and Spanish. She is originally from Stillwater, MN.

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