crossing "nothing" off a to-do list

Yep, this was me over Winter Break!

The second semester of my freshman year has started, and after a month away from Winona, I can honestly say I missed this campus. Connecticut was great and all, but nothing beats the feeling of freedom I get when here at WSU. I am sure many of you felt a similar sigh of relief to back too.

In my last post, I mulled over what home would be like since I’d been away for a long semester. Would my friends still be my friends? Would I be able to fit back in with my family?

The answers to these questions—yes!

After being in airports for over 12 hours, I journeyed another hour to go see my several of my friends perform in The Nutcracker Ballet staged by my town. I surprised them backstage–last time they saw me my hair was bright red, not black!–and caught up on everything while helping them through costume changes.

Right after the performance, I picked up another friend and headed to the mall to meet up with a groups of many other friends who, apparently, had been missing me terribly. They rushed me as soon as they saw me and I felt surrounded by memories and old friendships once again. I didn’t even get to put a word in as they greeted me and told me all about their post-high school lives.

My first day back was fantastic, but the rest of my break was less exciting. The fact of the matter is no one would hire me for a month and I didn’t have any means of getting around. So, like I’m guessing many of you did, I spent my days on the couch! I caught up on my TV shows and played some video games which was still a nice break from the hectic pace of school.

Another thing that dampened the excitement of break a bit was that my friends were either still at school during my break or working so I couldn’t hang out with them as often as I would have liked. I also didn’t have a car, having left mine in Minnesota, so I had to share with my brother who was away at school for half of my break.

By the end of break,  I had exhausted my Netflix queue and was so bored that I actually cleaned my house for FUN! Yeah………I did not see that coming.

Break had some ups and downs, as I’m sure most of yours did too. We all enjoyed being with family and friends, but after four weeks, you know you started missing what Winona has to offer even though the homework nearly killed us and we barely had sleep most nights. I know I sure did. The feeling of community and belonging had me wishing I had been back here.

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Rachel Adam

Rachel graduated in 2019 with a BA in Graphic Design and Dance minor. She is from Danbury, CT and her hobbies include reading, dance, art, movies, superheroes, Pinterest, and her kitten named Westley.

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