Are you looking for a way to stay connected to newsworthy updates around campus?

Well, look no further, the WSU Connect app is a great way to find clubs and organizations to get involved in on campus while still prioritizing your class and homework schedule.

This app is designed for students to have easy access for discovering events on campus, having quicker access to D2L Brightspace, and the ability to form online communities with other students.

WSU Connect is a free application in the App store that delivers many beneficial features to students and staff.


As a Resident Assistant for the university, I use the WSU Connect application to get the word out about the events that I am hosting within my residence hall.

The benefit of having a campus-based application spread the news about my events is a higher turnout of students. Therefore, I can positively impact several residents and receive feedback from many different individuals.

For students interested in the WSU Connect application yet are still hesitant in downloading it on their mobile device, here are three reasons why you should download the application right away.

1. Quicker Communication with Professors and Peers

The WSU Connect application allows you to stay engaged with class updates from your professors and allows you to engage in discussions with your fellow classmates.

If you were to have an upcoming paper in a class and forgot what the rubric explained, you can access the WSU Connect application, reach out to a fellow classmate, and ask them for guidance.



2. Buy & Sell Items

For students interested in selling clothes, furniture, or even Pokémon cards, yet don`t have a Facebook account to access Wazoo’s List, they can open the WSU Connect app, scroll down to the “Buy & Sell” tab, and begin their journey as an entrepreneur within the virtual community of WSU.

3. Access to Resources

Another reason you and your friends should get the unique application is the ability to have instant access to resources such as the library webpage, D2L, the WSU Facebook Page, and many other resources.


As the fall semester crawls towards the final days and you find yourself buried under piles of homework and preparation for exams, there will be times when you may feel the need to get out of your room and take a break.

Instead of turning on the video game consoles or watching re-runs of The Simpsons, pull out your phone, download the latest version of WSU Connect and discover the thrill of events that our beautiful campus can offer you for a unique and entertaining experience.

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Kameron Wilson

Kameron graduated in 2019 with a BA in Organizational Communications with a Creative Writing minor. He is from Eagan, MN and his interests includes poetry, film studies, pop culture, intramural sports, enjoying nature and traveling.

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