I will be the first to admit that I am a hoarder of most everything. I have too many clothes, trinkets, shoes, books, you name it and I have twelve or more of them. Half of my things I never use!

Usually when the spring season approaches, I am dreadfully reminded that I should go clean out my closet and reorganize my life. This year I am changing things up a bit and will be sharing with you all just how I plan to remix my spring cleaning.

Out with the Old, In with the New

To start out my spring cleaning venture, I will be purging my closet and apartment of all unwanted items. In my closet, I am getting rid of almost everything except for a few versatile tops and some of my favorite shoes. Then, I will be donating my unwanted belongings to local second-hand stores.

Some stores, like Plato’s Closet in LaCrosse, for example, will even buy my name branding clothing from me.  A little extra spending cash makes this venture a win-win!

I will not only be tossing clothes from my closet, but I will be replacing the old with the new as well. What I have turned to instead of buying more trinkets are plants!

Not only am I cleaning the air in my room with new plants, but I am brightening my space and decorating at the same time. Wal-Mart has great plants to start with that are all very affordable. I recommend starting with succulents and other indoor plants that require low to medium light.

Now Let’s Talk Thrifting

I have always fancied buying the newest things and getting my hands on the latest fashion trends, but college has made me pump the breaks on spending. Living in Winona has not only taught me that I don’t need half of my belongings, but also how to ball with style on a budget – a special thanks to our many second-hand stores in town.

As a senior in college, I have realized that I only need to have a few staple items in my closet. To minimize the clutter and prepare for life after college, I can very well find these staples in thrift shops. With that being said, let the thrift hunt begin!

What I Plan to Look For

Jackets – Jean and leather jackets are back as of the past few years and are great staple items to have in your closet. I am always finding them in both the men’s and women’s sections of thrift stores and have to resist buying them all. Both can be dressed up with versatile pieces like plain tanks and tees.

Jeans – I have had the most fun Goodwill shopping for jeans. I have been able to turn them into a cute pair of shorts or keep them as such.

After many attempts at finding that perfect pair of light wash denim Levis some girls always pray for, I caved and started making my own out of old jeans from thrift shops. I learned how to do this simply by watching a YouTube video. Note: this is great for guys and girls since distress jeans and shorts have become all the rage for everyone.

Spring cleaning seems like it is going to be a good time for me this year. I will declutter my life while also brightening things up for my future self. I cannot wait to bargain hunt and donate my unwanted belongings to my local second-hand stores – which I recommend you do too!

Happy spring cleaning!

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Claire Bowman

Claire is from Crystal Lake, IL and majoring in English Literature & Language with a minor in Creative Writing. Her hobbies include music, poetry, hula hooping and a variety of outdoor activities.

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