There’s nothing that beats the ride home at the end of the day. The short bus ride to West Campus is almost like coming home even though we are only a few blocks away. Being able to remove yourself from school is a benefit of living off Main Campus. Not only is it wonderful to get away, but we also have a great community here. The girls on my floor in Lourdes are wonderful and we always have such a blast whenever we are together. We have floor time every other Sunday where we get together to play games and have snacks and it’s just a great bonding time. There are also countless other activities that we do together that really bring us all so much closer and we have a blast doing. There are so many good friends that I have made in my time here that I know will last me a lifetime. My RA is wonderful and makes a great effort to make sure that we are doing well and she brings us all together. The whole reason that everyone on our floor is such good friends is because she works so hard to get us all together doing activities.

To be honest, choosing to live on West campus was an impulse I had while I was signing up for housing. I had toured many different buildings but for some reason the rooms in Lourdes just made a great impression on me and I went out on a limb to choose it for my future residence. I was right in my choice because I absolutely love it here. In fact,  I love it so much that I’m coming back next year as an RA! The rooms are the perfect size for a single,but I will admit that the doubles are a little snug for two people. You get very creative when arranging furniture and you make it work though.

Another great benefit of living in Lourdes is that everything is built into one building. We have a pool, workout center, help center, and café (which serves the BEST food) all located right in our dorms which is very convenient, especially on cold snowy days. There is also a tunnel connecting Lourdes to Maria which is an added benefit for those who have to walk from Maria to get to the bus or to eat. Most of all I love the community within the building and the whole campus here and I’m beyond glad that I ended up living here. I would highly recommend living in Lourdes, if not just on West Campus, to anyone.

– Megan Malina

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