The front entrance to Tau Center

Tau Center, my home sweet home!

I am Nicole Marek, a freshman at Winona State University and a current resident in the Tau Center on West Campus. I live in a single room and regularly utilize the kitchen, basement lounge and free on-campus laundry. There are also many student activities that Tau and West Campus have to offer such as hall meetings, Mugshots, house competitions, social hour every Tuesday and much more.

I have found West Campus to not only be a fun place to live but also very resourceful. It has its own tech help center, pool and workout room. Even though waiting for the buses is not a very desirable feature of living on West, the community here can’t be beat! Everyone on west is very friendly, especially the Resident Assistants. My RA was extremely helpful and always made an effort to promote the hall events.

Overall, my experience living on west campus has been excellent and I would not have traded it with living on Main Campus. I love the integrated community of students here. West Campus is extremely convenient to live on and you can ask anyone, the food here is better than main!

–Nicole Marek

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