Residence Life should be a positive experience for everyone. Even though it has its challenges, like random roommates, sharing spaces, being away from home, and responsibility, it can be a very fun experience. I have compiled lists (with pictures to go along) of things that everyone should and should not do while living in the dorms.

Things to avoid:

• Please do not dump your room trash in the trash cans in kitchens, lounges, or bathrooms.
• Please do not open alarmed doors between the hours of 11 PM to 7 AM, or anytime if the door is always alarmed (unless, of course, it is an emergency situation).

Non-emergency situation


Annoyed RA

•Please do not blare your music so your entire floor can hear it.
•Please do not cause shenanigans or endanger your own safety or the safety of others.

Don’t try this at home. Literally.

Do follow the rules
We care about you
This bad haiku sounds corny
But it’s very true

Avoiding these things will encourage a more positive environment for everyone, including RAs, Security personnel, your hall mates, and yourself! You can do many things to enhance your experience in residence life and make friends.


Things to do:

• Get involved—go to hall council meetings and attend hall programs.
• Keep kitchens, lounges, and other common areas clean.



NO 🙁

• Be respectful of and friendly to floor mates and hall mates; smile and say hello.
• Talk to your RA—with concerns, problems, and questions, or just to be friendly.

Great Conversation


By following these simple guidelines, everyone involved in Residence Life will have a wonderful experience.

Thanks for reading!

*Special thanks to Katie Griffith, Amy Auden, and Sonya Hernandez for taking and/or appearing in the pictures.

-Lauren Barker

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