Mugshots Coffeehouse is a true treasure of West Campus at Winona State University!


If you know anything about Winona State’s West Campus, you know that it is an exciting and engaging environment. Something is always happening, and events are always being put on to give students a chance to connect with each other and their community.


Mugshots, a weekly opportunity for students to share their talents, embodies the lively character that West Campus is known for.


Jazz band playing at Mugshots

Janae Mann ’20


What is it?


Many people don’t realize all that Winona State does for students to get plugged into a strong community, create memories, and take advantage of opportunities to showcase their talents!


A year-round hub of entertainment, Mugshots hosts performers with a variety of talents, including singers, actors, and musicians.


All WSU students have the great opportunity to perform at the coffeehouse!


When and where?


In Lourdes Hall, every Thursday night at 8:30pm, Mugshots have performers or karaoke!


Performers can be students from campus, groups from campus like Runner Up (Winona State’s Improv Club), or just people who come to visit campus.


Why should you check out Mugshots?


This hidden treasure of West Campus is not just for students who live in West Campus’s residence halls to enjoy. All WSU students are welcome to enjoy the free entertainment every Thursday night!



– Victoria Alattore ’22 and Janae Mann ’20

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