It begins with floor of strangers who unite together within the first week to become the best of friends and form a community. It has amazingly comfortable lounges that are perfect for movie nights. Kitchens with a fridge/freezer, microwave, stove, sink and toaster. There are resident rooms like no other (well, except those in Kirkland) and make everything feel like you are at home.

Hanging out in Haake Hall

Photo by Brian Waldbillig ’18

We are talking here about New Center, one of the great places to live while at Winona State! These rooms are nothing like the typical dorm that you might imagine. Instead, you and your roommates are given a shower room, a toilet room, sinks that have drawers and cabinets built in, a mirror over the sinks and the choice of 2 shared bedrooms or 4 individual bedrooms. Most of the room is carpeted, with the exception of the shower, toilet, and sink area. We would definitely suggest using the extra space outside of the bedrooms for an area to relax and watch movies or TV. We decided to make our own beanbag-like sacks that ended up being perfect to have a stress free night of relaxing in.

Along with the great dorms, each floor has their own lounge to hang out in or host events. They each have comfortable couches and chairs, tables, a full kitchen, flat screen television set, and are a perfect place to study!

Our resident assistants are EXTREMELY amazing here! They host the best events, including: floor dinners, movie nights, bingo for food, video game time, bowling, going to WIT (Winona Improv Theatre), Nerf gun battles, baking events and much more! We have had the best of times through these events and they are a great way to get to know everyone!

Living in New Center has been a great experience for both of us! We signed up to live here with two of friends we met freshman year, and have even begun to call this our home. We would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a more relaxed dorm-life!

–Brianna Bosshart and Melissa Ramos

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Brianna Bosshart

Brianna graduated in 2016 with a BA in Psychology with a Child Advocacy Studies minor. She is from Elk River, MN and her hobbies include kayaking, biking, reading, journaling and coffee with friends.