Today’s the day! Fall registration is open, and everyone’s anxiously awaiting their window to open so they can snag the classes they need.

Since I’m graduating next month, I am SO relieved that I don’t need to worry about this. But, I’ve been there, and for everyone who needs to read something relatable in this time of probable stress.

Here are the 10 phases of registration that we’ve all had to go through, as told through Napoleon Dynamite:

1. Meeting with your advisor the week before registration can be stressful, especially if you’re trying to cram in enough credits to graduate on schedule and you are checking to see if this is still possible. Tracking your college career can be stressful, and you might dread this meeting.

2. But you figure out what you need to do, gain your access code and you’re on to the next step.

3. Once you know what you need to take next semester, you freely add whatever you’d like to your wishlist, and even over-add for backups.

4. When your registration window nears, you find yourself glued to your computer screen, refreshing the registration page and counting down the minutes until it finally opens.

5. At last, your window opens!

6. But you might be upset to find that one or more of your classes in your wishlist are already full.

7. Or you’re elated to find that everything is available that you need to take.

8. But, nothing is better than the relief when the registration process is finally over.

9. You might even drop a class or two that you registered for because you don’t need them, and you know you’ve helped someone out who is on the waitlist.

10. And then, if you still have at least one more semester left, you know you’re going to have to do the whole process all over again. That might suck, but at least you’re done for now!

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Allison Mueller

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