You just got here on campus, settled into your new room, and started your first semester of classes. It’s daunting to think of adding one more thing to that list of new experiences but considering having a part-time job might just be worth your while.

Working while being a full-time student can provide you with many valuable skills that can be used in your academic studies and future career. Whether you work five hours a week or twenty, you will walk away with lessons learned, and more money!

Time Management

Balancing a class schedule with clubs/activities and your work schedule can be challenging. However, being able to make time for work on top of other obligations makes students incredibly aware of the amount of time they have and how to best use it. Having a set schedule helps to prioritize every part of your schedule and to compartmentalize each commitment.

Relieves Financial Pressure

Who doesn’t like having a little extra cash? College tuition is expensive, as are all the expenses that come with it. Working a little bit throughout the year can help take a little bit of the financial burden off your shoulders, while giving you some extra money to enjoy your time while in college.

Skills to Use Later

If possible, try to find a job that is related to your major or desired career field. Work at the desk of a professor, sorting files in a business office, or even take care of kids at a childcare center. These are all examples of ways to gain experience that will be useful to you in your future career.

A great search engine to seek out is Warrior Jobs. Career Services is a great tool to use, helping you both while in school and after. Trained staff will help students write and refine resumes, apply for jobs, and anything else involved in the process.

Making extra money and gaining valuable skills? Seems like getting a part-time job is a no-brainer!

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Janae Mann

Janae is majoring in Marketing with a minor in Creative Writing. She is from Rosemount, MN and her hobbies include dance/choreography, reading and blogging.

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