As much as we are in denial of it, winter in Winona is coming. If you are anything like me, winter is fun for the first couple of weeks but then it becomes a multiple-month-long nightmare.

Surviving winter in Winona can be a daunting task but I am here to act as your guide through this treacherous season. Bundle up, freeze babies!

Winter in Winona

Photo by Brian Waldbillig ’18

Tips and Tricks for Surviving Winter


1. Layer Up!

Although it can feel a bit bulky, layering can save you from the nasty cold.  Gloves are a lifesaver (especially if they are touch screen compatible), because you never know how cold your fingers can get until they feel like they are going to fall off.  If you don’t want to ruin your hair with a hat, there are a multitude of stylish, yet functional, headbands that will keep your ears protected.


2. Bring a Hot Drink!

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer seeing as college students have coffee permanently glued to their hands. A hot drink will keep both your hands and insides warm during even the chilliest of days.


3. Stay Inside!

Yet another no-brainer. However, a lot of people spend an unnecessary amount of time outside in the winter.  When waiting for the shuttle, wait inside! When walking through campus, cut through different buildings to keep warm (I will give you some tips on that later).


4. Cover Your Face!

While you may feel like a bank robber in a ski mask, covering your face protects it from the wind and cold. Having a cold nose is an issue for me in the winter, which results in getting a runny nose, which results in a sad blogger.  Cover your face or your face will not be happy.


5. Enjoy the Activities!

Winter in Winona provides amazing opportunities to get out into the community and have fun with your peers. Check out the Lake Lodge, for example. They have snow shoeing, ice climbing, and even ice skating!  It is an affordable and engaging way to make the best of a chilly situation.


Shortcuts On Campus

I timed myself as I walked from Kirkland Hall to Memorial Hall and it took roughly five minutes. Given my long legs, I have an incredibly long stride. So, depending on your stride length, the results may vary.

Try some of these shorter routes when trekking across campus in the freezing cold:

  1. When coming from Sheehan, Haake, or Kirkland, it would be wise to cut through Kryzsko Commons in order to get to any other place on campus.
  2. When coming from the Memorial Hall area, cutting through SLC/Pasteur and Gildemeister will result in a shorter walking time and a warmer journey.
  3. If it is an especially windy day, cutting between Somsen and Maxwell eliminates the wind because of the height of the structures. It is a quick windbreaker and a quicker walk to class.
  4. Cutting through the IWC is especially useful since it is such a long building. If you need to get somewhere in the vicinity, the IWC is a great pick for you!

Overall, if you have a fear of winter like I do, follow this advice to not only survive but also thrive in the cold, Minnesota winter. It is inescapable, but with these tips and tricks you can make the best of a snowy situation!


— Cali Ruback ’20

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