“I can’t function before coffee” is a common saying among college students, but are we all just drinking regular coffee still? Winona State’s Grace Wagner ‘22 has changed that up. Making different coffee drinks is delicious and a fun activity to do.

Grace Wagner makes fun coffee drinks to get away from your typical black coffee. She worked at Caribou for two and a half years and loved it. She says working at Caribou, “gave me a bit of education on what the difference is between a Starbucks macchiato, a normal macchiato, and a cappuccino.”

Fun Friend Activity

Trying out new coffee drinks can be a fun activity to do with friends on a night in doing homework. Grace says that finding new drinks to make for friends is a lot of fun. “A fun coffee drink can be anything outside of your comfort zone and I think it’s important to simply try something new once in a while, especially with a friend,” Grace said.

Minimal Cost

Making your own coffee drink does not have to be expensive which is something us college students tend to be wary about. To make one of Starbucks most popular drinks (Vanilla Cream Cold Press) all you need is a little heavy cream and syrup flavor. Grace says, “Some of the syrups can be a bit more spendy,” but you’ll get the use out of it.

Beginner Tip

Grace’s one tip is to start off simple if you are coming from straight black coffee. There is no need to start too sweet that might turn you off to the possibility of finding other less sweet, but just as fun, drinks.

Coffee Drink to Try: Iced Caramel Mocha Latte

  1. Brew eight ounces of coffee
  2. Add hot chocolate mix and caramel ice cream topping to coffee
  3. Whisk together to combine
  4. Pour coffee mixture into a glass over ice
  5. Pour your choice of milk into glass over coffee
  6. Top off with whipped cream and more caramel topping
  7. Enjoy!

-Ashley Rustad & Lucy LaValley