Who doesn’t love the world of Mario and Luigi? If you can remember back to when you played Nintendo or if you still do and are just looking for some people to game with join the WSU Super Smash Bros. club.

Who Can Join?

Nick Austad ’21 is a member of the WSU Super Smash Bros. club and says that the club is welcoming to all players no matter how devoted you are to the game. If you want to join the club and meet new people email Nick at naustad16@winona.edu and he can help you with getting connected to the club.

Nick first became interested in the game when he was young. He played it on his friends Gamecube in elementary school, but it wasn’t until 2016 when he began watching Smash Bros. Tournament online when got competitively interested in the game. Nick says his favorite thing about the game is that players can play many characters from all the beloved Nintendo games, and the playstyles of players are allow you to be creative.

Scared to Join?

There is no reason to be scared to join the club, it is just a group of people that share a common interest. Nick says, “Come and try the game out by renting a Nintendo Switch at the Student Union desk in the basement of Kryzsko and you can try for yourself if you enjoy the game.”  If you haven’t played before don’t let that discourage you anyone can play, and everyone learns at their own pace. The club is very inclusive and helpful to those that struggle. Nick says, “don’t be afraid to ask anyone in the club advice on the game.”

-Lucy LaValley & Ashley Rustad