Mya Austin ’22 is the founder and President of Winona State’s Tie Dye club. Mya shares all the information you need to know to have a fun and successful tie dye experience!

Want to brighten your world and get a new fun hobby? With natural fibered material such as wool, cotton, hemp, rubber bands, dye, soda ash (optional), bottles to put the dye in, water, gloves, and a bag to put their tie dyed shirt in you can begin a new hobby of tie dying. 

Mya got into tie dying because she wanted to add color into her style. She said, “I used to wear a lot of black in high school, but one day I decided that black was a bit too depressing, so I decided to start dying!”

Things to Remember When Tie Dying 

Mya says that when you are tie dying it is important to make sure you fold the item you are dying as thin as possible so that the dye can penetrate it better and add a bit more dye than you think is necessary to fully saturate the shirt.

What to Love About Tie Dying

Tie dying is so fun and there are so many things that make it fun. Individuality in each piece of tie dyed material is one of the best things about this form of art, you never know what you are going to get. Mya loves how each shirt is colorful and unique. She says, “It can bring a positive, groovy vibe to most situations!”  You can also tie dye with friends to make the experience more exciting.

-Ashley Rustad & Lucy LaValley