This summer, WSU will be updating their laptop program once again, and some of the upgrades are pretty exciting.


For those of you who’ll be trading in your laptops in the fall or for any new students grabbing their first, here’s some important info about what’s on the horizon.


Photo by Tori Wick


MacBook Pro


Weighing about three pounds, the new Mac option, a 2020 MacBook Pro, is a great choice for any avid Apple product user. For one, the Pro is a more powerful machine in almost every aspect. It utilizes a 1.4 GHz quad-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 Processor. In addition, the RAM capacity sits at 8GB and SSD Storage holds 256GB.


The screen itself is quite a beauty. The MacBook Pro uses Apple’s Retina Display screen, an ultra-high (2560×1600) resolution format, which is close to 4K. If that wasn’t enough, the graphics processor has gotten a facelift as well, boosting up to an Intel Iris 645. Need a boost in productivity? This baby features a Touch Bar, which gives you easy access to shortcuts. The MacBook Pro is a very useful tool for students, especially those with a knack for creativity.


Photo by Tori Wick


HP Elite Dragonfly Notebook


On the PC side, the upgrade is just as surprising. Weighing a little over two and a half pounds, the new model is an HP Elite Dragonfly Notebook. While the components are fairly similar to the MacBook Pro, aside from a doubled RAM capacity (16GB) and a 1.6 GHz quad-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 Processor, a huge perk is that it’s a two-in-one laptop and tablet hybrid.


Essentially, the screen of the Dragonfly can be folded over and turned into a tablet. The process is simple and works wonders. Its Anti-Glare LED touch screen is great for activities like drawing and designing, watching movies or presentations, or just casually checking your computer on the shuttle. The two-in-one style is quickly gaining popularity among techies, so seeing WSU hop on the bandwagon is a wonderful development. I would not personally recommend trying to fold the Pro, of course, or you are going to have a broken MacBook on your hands.


Let’s also not forget another important feature of the Dragonfly: its color! Ditch the standard silver finish for this dragonfly blue portable powerhouse.


Photo by Tori Wick


In the end, both laptop options are great for our students here at WSU. Pay close attention to any technology recommendations set by your major, and go with the laptop that’ll help you succeed as a Warrior!



Updated by Hailey Seipel ’20 on 06/15/2020