Finals are almost over and I know most of us are antsy to get home. For me, I don’t get to leave this tundra till Saturday when I board my flight and fly into La Guardia.

This time in the semester is not only stressful because of exams for me but also because of the hassle of flying. Most of you students live close by, and by close by I mean under 6 hours away. You get to pack up as much luggage as you want and drive back. I have to pack only the necessities and watch the weight limit on my suitcase. But nonetheless, I am excited to get home.

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I don’t know what to expect when I get back, though. It’s been 5 months since I left for college. A lot can change in 5 months. My friends have all been at college, on their own, making new friends, getting used to not having me around and I them.

My family hasn’t seen me in a while either, and if Thanksgiving is anything to go off of, I can tell they’re not used to the new, more independent me.

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We’ve all changed, whether we know it or not. I’m not the naïve, new college student I once was. I’ve learned in and out of the classroom. And if I’ve learned some new things about myself and about life, then I’m sure everyone has else too. In learning, we adapt to the knowledge we gain, and this means that the friends I knew are not the same anymore.

I’ve thought about what it’ll be like when I get back—hugs and tears from my best friend, dinners at my favorite restaurants, trips into NYC, lazy days at the mall being basic white girls. I don’t have a job waiting for me back home and trying to find one so late into the holiday season is going to be tough.

I’ve come to the realization that those dreams of how it’ll be like when I get home are just that—dreams. My friends all have jobs and I won’t even have my car to go visit them. Now, I’m sure I’ll get to spend some time with them.  I’ll get to hear all about what’s been going on since I left and watch movies with them and see a glimpse of what once was. And maybe everything will be like it was. I have been in contact with them throughout the semester and everything seems fine with our friendships, so who knows?

But whatever the differences in friendships and home life, I will be happy to be back in Connecticut and with people I love. I am sure that you all have friends and family you’re looking forward to seeing,and we should make the most of our winter breaks with them while we can.

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Rachel Adam

Rachel graduated in 2019 with a BA in Graphic Design and Dance minor. She is from Danbury, CT and her hobbies include reading, dance, art, movies, superheroes, Pinterest, and her kitten named Westley.

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