In case you missed an event or two from Welcome Week—or you want to look back on all the mems—we’ve got your back. Lots happened last week, and we captured it all for you. Here’s a recap of this year’s Welcome Week:



Stakes were high for students to win big prizes at Kryzsko Commons on Thursday.  

In the East Room, Bingo Bash attendees bubbled with anticipation just like the colorful balls in the clear case. At the same time, Trivia Night over in the Student Activity Center quizzed students on their knowledge of movies, music, mythology, and science.   

You could feel students’ excitement to be on campus:

“It’s been nice to go to things,” new student Nathan Smith said with a huge smile. 

Nathan and his friend Isabella Schroeder had tried their luck at bingo, and although Nathan didn’t win anything, Isabella had won a planner that she sets to use when her current one runs out. 

And for those who preferred more leisure gameplay, the Darrell Krueger Library hosted Game Night, where students enjoyed board games and card games and even some popcorn. 



Our campus is full of gems, and students set out on a Campus Scavenger Resource Hunt on Friday to discover where all our helpful offices and services are located. They also had the chance to scope out their Fall classrooms to be ready for their first day. 

At the Club Fair, hundreds of curious faces explored club booths, smiled as they walked through a bustling crowd of enthusiastic students, and laughed together with new—and old—friends.  

There were more than 80 clubs to check out, with students stopping and checking out everything from academic clubs, honorary societies, diversity clubs and campus clubs to sports clubs, special interest clubs, faith-based clubs, and Greek clubs. 

“It’s super fun meeting new people and being away from parents,” Charlotte Quehl said. 

While at the Club Fair, Charlotte and her friend said they were eager to see the Hypnotist Show and attend more events during the weekend.   

Speaking of the Hypnotist Show, students had quite the fun time laughing at their fellow classmates as they were hypnotized into playing air instruments or falling asleep on their neighbor’s shoulders.  



On Saturday, students soaked up the sun while devouring goodies from the Picnic Lunch and challenging one another to ultimate frisbee on the Courtyard. 

Later that night, moviegoers satisfied their craving for a good flick with a showing of A Quiet Place Pt. II in the Campus Stadium.  

Other night owls headed over to the McCown and Talbot gyms to get their hearts pumping at the Blacklight Games and Inflatables event, from mini golfing, mechanical bull riding, and playing glow-in-the-dark Gaga ball. 

Then everything got wrapped up on a sweet note with a bluff hike on Sunday. Students enjoyed the surrounding natural beauty while getting a workout in. 


 We had a blast during Welcome Week and we can’t wait to have many more as the semester goes on.

Go Warriors! 

– Tesla Mitchell and Hailey Seipel ‘21