We all have our favorite summer activities, but why not make those activities more eco-friendly!? Here are 8 examples of how to have fun and enjoy the weather all while lessening your ecological footprint:

1) Bike instead of drive


From going to grab your favorite ice cream treat or meeting friends at the beach, nice weather calls for being outside as much as possible! So save money and gas by biking to your summer destinations. It may take a little longer, but think about the tan and workout you’ll get!

2) Canoe or kayak instead of boat


We all want to spend a beautiful summer afternoon lounging on the boat. But instead, grab a couple friends, pack a lunch and paddle out to your favorite sandbar where you can enjoy both the water and relaxation you’re looking for!

3) Build a birdbath


If you want to spend your day in the water, I’m sure other outdoor creatures want to as well! Help them out in your spare summer time by building a birdbath in your yard. Not only does it give the birds a way to cool down on those hot summer days, but it also adds to your curb appeal and makes a fun project!

4) Farmers’ Market


Save money and support your local farmers by heading out to the Winona Farmers Market this summer! You’ll find lots of great fresh foods that are healthy and delicious…and try to bike or walk there of course!

5) Use a gas grill


This may sounds odd…use a gas grill instead of coal? It turns out that grilling with gas is better for the environment. A Huffington Post article explains gas-powered grills produce less carbon emissions than coal and is overall more efficient.

6) Conserve water – bathe in the lake!


To some, this may seem weird, but it can truly be a fun experience if you give it a try. After spending a day on the water, why go inside to wash up when all the water you could want is right in front of you? Lather up in the lake and feel fresh right away. Be sure to use chemical-free soaps that are environment-friendly to keep the lake-life healthy!!

7) Exercise outside


No need to waste energy running on a treadmill when you could be outside enjoying the nice weather. Not to mention you will sweat more in the heat, giving you a better workout. And, just like biking, running gives you the best summer tan! Don’t forget to use sunscreen and stay hydrated!

8) Camp in a tent, not a camper


We all have a different version of camping, depending on how we grew up. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE camping in a camper, but put yourself out there, save the energy and gas, and get to know your surroundings! Learn to build that tent and make that fire so that you can enjoy a toasted marshmallow under the stars!

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Lauren Reuteler

Lauren graduated in 2018 with a BS degree in Elementary Education and Child Advocacy Studies minor. She is from Champlin, MN and her hobbies include photography, traveling and hanging out with friends and family.

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