Not many people realize there are many harmful chemicals in the everyday products we use. This includes things in our diet, personal care items, cleaning supplies and toiletries. It’s important to become aware of what are in the products you use day to day and start to consider better alternatives for yourself and the world we live in. Here are some quick facts and tips you should know in order to move towards a healthier life and environment:

Many common products contain chemicals that can lead to many negative effects.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics organizes different common products with their possible effects on your health and the environment. You can choose how you want the information filtered by category to make it easier to learn more about these “chemicals of concern.”

Many personal care items can be homemade without the harmful chemicals AND you can save money.

There are 18 great homemade product suggestions from Whole New Mom and Sierra offers 3 more things you can make yourself like toothpaste, deodorant, hairspray, etc. without the added toxic chemicals.

Cleaning supplies are on the list of things that are filled with toxins if you don’t get the right brand.

There are tons of eco-friendly solutions for non-toxic home cleaning you can try!

Certain items you can find in almost any household can hurt the environment.

Not only is it important to recognize what’s harmful in your house, it’s also important to do something about it and make changes. One Green Planet provides direction of what to do.

Choose the organic options.

More common than not, there are toxins in the foods we eat if they don’t say “USDA certified 100% organic” on the label. If you want a healthier diet with less health risks, it’s key to start eating organic foods that are non-GMO (genetically modified organisms). The top 4 reasons to eat organic is explained by mindbodygreen.

If you want to protect yourself from harmful chemicals, I would highly suggest trying to follow the tips above for a healthier lifestyle while also helping the environment. It might be difficult to change habits at first, but it might just be one of your best decisions.

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