Food equity or food insecurity is a problem many people face without even realizing it. I think it’s one of those things you’ve heard about but don’t know what it really means. WSU defines it as “the lack of access to a sufficient amount of affordable, nutritious food on a regular basis.” One of the main issues with food equity/food insecurity is many people believe it doesn’t pertain to them. However, a recent WSU survey “Am I Food Secure?” showed 50-68% students have a food insecurity of some form.

To help those on campus and in the Winona community overcome food insecurity, WSU has developed the SEED (Sustainable-Edible-Education-Discovery) Garden. The SEED Garden’s goal is to educate WSU students on how to grow and prepare healthy food. Professors will have access to the garden for class and curriculum use. The SEED Garden will “break ground” this spring and will be located at the corner of 8th and Winona Street. While it is student-led, the sustainability director will be in charge of the garden for the long term.

In addition, the garden will offer educational material about the crops being grown. If you volunteer in the garden, you will have the opportunity to take home some of the fruits, vegetables and herbs that were grown. Also, any of the leftover crops gets donated to the Warrior Cupboard. The Warrior Cupboard is another place coming to campus that will provide healthy and affordable produce to food insecure students.

Stay tuned for more updates on the SEED Garden and food equity at WSU!

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Kayla Severson

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