Count on Me

Warriors together, protecting our campus & our community.

This is a year like no other. We are in the uncharted territory of college life during a pandemic.

What we do know for sure is that the only way we get through this global health crisis is if we all step up and do our part to protect our campus, our community and our college experience.

The pandemic safety guidelines work best when everybody practices them together.

We’re counting on every Warrior to fight for the best college experience possible this fall by doing their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our campus community.


Every Warrior, Every Day: 5 Daily Actions

To have a safe and successful experience on campus, remember these five simple steps.

Can we count on you?

Mask Up

Wear a mask on and off campus when indoors, and outdoors when close to others. 

Back Up

Keep a physical distance of at least six feet from other people in addition to wearing a mask

Wash Up

Frequently wash hands for 20 seconds or longer. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces in shared spaces.

Check Up

Each time you come to campus, take the daily self-assessment to screen for COVID-19 symptoms before you arrive.

Check In

Text, call or spend time with friends and families to support one another during these stressful times.
Count on Me Stickers

#CountOnMe: Share a Sticker, Get a Sticker!

Show your commitment to protecting our campus and our community by using a Count on Me digital sticker on social media, and by sporting your free Count On Me sticker on your laptop, water bottle (or pet)!

Here’s how: share on the social media platform of your choice!

Instagram & Snapchat

  1. Take a mask selfie
  2. Upload it to a story using WSU’s Count On Me digital stickers. (Hint to find the sticker: search “WSU count on me”)
  3. Make sure to tag @winonastateu in your upload!
  4. Go to the Student Union desk in Kryzsko Commons between 10am-10pm, and show your screenshot to claim your sticker!


  1. Add the Count On Me frame to your profile picture.
  2. Go to the Student Union desk in Kryzsko Commons between 10am-10pm and show your screenshot to claim your sticker!


  1. Tweet a mask selfie.
  2. In the caption, use the hashtag #CountOnMe and mention @winonastateu.
  3. Go to the Student Union desk in Kryzsko Commons between 10am-10pm and show your screenshot to claim your sticker!

Mask Up

The state of Minnesota, cities of Winona and Rochester, and WSU campuses have mask policies that require everyone to wear a masks.

Where to Wear a Mask

  • Inside any building
  • Outdoors if you are within six feet of another person

I will model and promote the healthy behaviors outlined in the CDC guidelines established to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and do my part to provide a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for student learning at Winona State University.

Brandon Donahue

Assistant Professor – HERS Department - Athletic Training

You can count on me to wear my mask because I love my job and want to keep doing it.

I have Type 1 diabetes, so to keep myself and my family healthy, you can count on me to wear my mask.

Amanda Brouwer

Associate Professor of Psychology

For me wearing a mask and following guidelines is important because it brings us closer to achieving our goals of bringing everyone back together and keeping each other safe.

Jarred Schmitz

Class of 2021, Resident Assistant

You can count on me to follow the advice and guidelines of the scientists and experts on COVID.

I will wear my mask, social distance, wash my hands, sanitize my workspaces, and be a role model of those actions.

Clara Kuerschner

Class of 2021, Student Senate President

Back Up

The amazing maintenance and facilities staff have been hard at work all summer to arrange campus spaces in a way that accommodates physical distancing.

Wherever possible, stay at least six feet away from other people in addition to wearing a mask.

Distance paired with using a face covering greatly reduces the chance of spreading COVID-19.

Wash Up

When on campus, be sure to wash or sanitize your hands frequently!

Follow the CDC guidelines for hand washing by washing for at least twenty seconds.

If you can’t wash your hands, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

In addition to your hands, disinfect your frequently-touched belongings and spaces.

Check Up

All students who are on campus are asked to take the daily self-assessment to screen for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to campus each day.

If your assessment informs you that have symptoms, please fill out the COVID-19 Self-Report form so that you can get proper care and instructions.

Be sure to answer calls from unknown numbers during this time, as it may be public health workers trying to inform you about possible infections on campus.

Check In

The stress of the pandemic can take a toll on our mental health. Check in with your fellow Warriors to help support one another.

WSU Counseling Services is always here to help you navigate this tough time. Most importantly, you don’t have to live in fear this semester.

Retain a sense of normalcy by enjoying the beauty of the driftless area with your friends.

Need ideas?

Check out 9 student favorites for outdoor fun in Winona. Just be sure to socialize wisely and follow the guidelines the best you can.

How to Help Someone in Distress

If you know someone who is struggling, it’s only natural to want to help them.

But it can be hard to know where to start and what to say.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the signs and get step-by-step prompts for starting a conversation about mental health.

Say Something

The first step toward better mental health is simply to talk honestly about how you are doing with friends, family — maybe even a professional with WSU Counseling Services. 

It’s ok to have a good days and bad days. It’s ok to be struggling. It’s ok to ask for help, and to be there for others when they need mental health support too.

WSU Counselor Mick Lynch encourages you to say something in this quick mental health check in.

Add an Email Signature

We all get (many) emails from students, co-workers, and supervisors every day. By adding a Check-In email signature, you help share mental health resources for students and staff.

Download the templates to add mental health resources to your email signature line.

We’re counting on you to stay strong and do the right thing so we can have a Warrior-worthy fall semester, together.