Alcohol has become integrated into mainstream college life and is present more than ever in social get-togethers. Drinking intentions will vary, but the relationship between alcohol consumption and hooking up is increasingly prevalent among college students 18 to 24 years of age. We are immersed in a culture that influences us into thinking that a “norm” in relationship building involves alcohol.

There are claims that stable relationships have lost their luster because of the appeal of having “no strings attached”. However, the short-term satisfaction becomes a slippery slope and commitments beyond one night can become difficult.

In some occasions these encounters can lead to meaningful relationships if individuals have the same motives. Alcohol may play a role in providing “liquid courage” or confidence towards a nerve-racking situation.

Alcohol and hooking up has a become a concern for public health figures, but the issue has also left them at a dead end. The varying situations and effects have left them stumped when configuring an approach. Awareness is the first step; educating college-aged individuals to recognize the influence alcohol has on relationship building.

If you are interested in this topic Health & Wellness Promotion will be holding a film exposition on “Hooking Up & Alcohol” this Wednesday (11/7) in IWC 138 at 4pm.

–Hannah Pollack

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