Want to practice self-care during COVID-19 in a fun way? Join the Great Warrior Hibernation Challenge!

With the Great Warrior Hibernation Challenge,  you can learn how to be safe, take care of your mental health and work on your well-being as we do our part to reduce COVID-19 cases in our community and finish the semester strong.

Plus you can earn prizes and co-curricular credits for participating!

How to Play

Download your GWH Game Card (DOC)!

This game card will be used throughout the 5 week wellness challenge.

Each square is comprised of an activity that will benefit your mental and emotional health or is a COVID-safe activity.

These are activities that you can complete at home, or safely in the community. Some activities are taken from Resiliency Skills Training (PDF) by Jessica Gifford, which is an evidence-based wellness workbook for college students.

Letters C-O-V-I-D formed by covered bingo squares

Weekly Activities

Each week there are 5 activities to do that will help keep you entertained and safe throughout COVID-19. They range from individual to virtual group activities. Stay tuned on social media for daily updates on Great Warrior Hibernation activities.

How to Win Prizes & Submission

There are several ways to win prizes throughout this wellness challenge. The more involved you are in participating in this challenge and follow along on social media, the more submission to drawings you will get.

For each square you complete on the game card, it will result in two submissions for the drawing (up to 50 submissions possible from the game card).

+1 Submission = Sign Up for Challenge

+1 Submission = Like or Comment on Social Media

+2 Submission = Post Tagging Us on Social Media
@WELLWarriorsGHGH on Facebook or @WSUHealth on all other platforms

+2 Submissions = 1 Square Completed

We are collaborating with campus and community partners for small and large prizes. Stay tuned on social media for prize details and winners.

Please submit completed game cards to: wp4prevention@winona.edu

Post your progress of your game card on social media using the hashtags:

  • #GotHealth
  • #GotHappy
  • #GreatWarriorHibernation

Stay updated on daily activities by following WELLWarriorGHGH Facebook page. 

For more information or further instructions or materials please email wp4prevention@winona.edu.

Follow our main page @WSUHealth on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tik Tok.